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UseMod is one of the easiest Wiki's to install and use but if you have niggling questions, this is one place where you can ask them. This section is for experienced users to help those just starting out. Based on the questions in this section we can start to populate UseModFAQ.

See /Configuration for help with some configuration options (and links to more help). For older questions and answers, check here:

Q: Can please somebody leave here a link to the Wiki Syntax for tables?. Some barnraising tasks can be better done together with tables. 2009-05-24 -- FridemarPache.
Hi Fridemar,
the only doc is: [WikiTables]
there's a proposal patch, not implemented: [TableFormatting]
hih, 2009-05-24 --JuanmaMP.

Q: How can I insure that new and edited pages save on the first try? (Dec 19, 2008)

Sometimes when I try to save a page, I get this message:

    Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

    Most likely causes:
    You are not connected to the Internet.
    The website is encountering problems.
    There might be a typing error in the address.

I repeat the save request until the page actually gets saved. My computer has an Athlon 2400+ CPU and 512 mb RAM and two 40 gig internal hard drives, Both hard drives have about 24 gig available space. I run Windows XP Pro, UseMod 1.0, ActivePerl, and the server is TinyWeb 1.93. My wiki has 4,540 pages (so far). The names of about half of these pages start with a string of numerals.

The problem occurs even when the size of the page in rather small.

The problem is intermittent. A very long page sometimes will save on the first try, or it may take more than 30 tries before the page saves. Even a smallish page may take many tries before it saves.

I have deleted the old diff_log and rclog files, but that did not help.

Anybody have any ideas how to solve this problem?


Ward Passel

Hello Ward, how big is the page and the keep file? The later one may be the problem. -- MarkusLude

Hello Marcus,

Thanks for the response!

The page folder is 32.4 MB and has 4,596 files in 30 subfolders. The keep file is 13.3 MB, in 27 subfolders.

The folder a page goes in when it finally saves seems to be irrelevant to the problem.

Page folder Info: Its smallest subfolder is empty. Its "other" folder is, by far, its largest, at 18.1 MB, 2,136 files.

Keep folder Info: Its smallest subfolder is also empty. Its "other" folder is, also, its largest by far, at 6.98 MB, 933 files.


PROBLEM SOLVED: June 29, 2009: I changed browsers a few days ago, from Internet Explorer to Firefox, and a lot of testing indicates that the problem has disappeared!


Q: Can Google AdSense work with UseMod? (2008-10-25)

Hey all, hope this isn't an inappropriate place for this question, but I didn't get any helpful answers on the Google forum. I'm trying to set up Google AdSense authentication so its bot can crawl my wiki, which is password-protected by an Apache .htaccess file (basic auth). But AdSense is generating bad URLs: it's logging in OK, but what it does with the URL I provide is the problem: in my server logs, I'm seeing things like

 GET /cgi-bin/wiki.pl?username=xxxxx&password=yyyyy 

which gags UseMod and draws an "Invalid URL" error message. To make things worse, as far as I can tell, Google's "login" query string there replaces any other query string in my URL, which of course will make it impossible to crawl UseMod since UseMod uses the query string to specify the page.

Has anyone gotten this to work? TIA... Mark


Could Local:WikiPatches/RssInclusion add more items like authors? 2008-03-02

Thanks -JuanmaMP


Adding (from Oddmuse core code):
 my $wikins = 'http://purl.org/rss/1.0/modules/wiki/';
 my $rdfns = 'http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#';

 $str .= QuoteHtml(qq{ $i->{'dc:contributor'}});
    my $contributor = $i->{dc}->{contributor};
	  $contributor = $i->{$wikins}->{username} unless $contributor;
	  $contributor =~ s/^\s+//;
	  $contributor =~ s/\s+$//;
	  $contributor = $i->{$rdfns}->{value} unless $contributor;
	  $str .= $q->span({-class=>'contributor'}, $q->span(T(' . . . . ')) . $contributor) if $contributor;
it seems work fine. -JuanmaMP

Q: permissible weight of .kp pages? . 2007-12-23.

Do you know when the system does crash with big .kp pages? how Mb? Any experience?

Thanks -JuanmaMP

Q: permission problems. 2007-11-04.

My web host's server went down with my wiki on it, and all the permissions are screwed up... I have set old pages (which have my uid) to 666, which works fine, but I find that new pages show up with uid and gid of 99, and the permissions are rw-r--r--. First, I'd like the owner and group for new pages to be myself, rather than 99, and the host support people are looking into this. Is this likely to be a new policy on their part? Also, is it hard (for them or me) to change? If it is, should I go the other way and change all the old pages to uid and gid of 99? Also, why do they default to rw-r--r-- - shouldn't it be rw-rw-rw-?

Generally, is there a place where all the permissions for temp, lock, etc. are listed? I couldn't find it in FAQ. Thanks. PaulMorrison

uid and gid are dependent on your web server configuration. You may consult your local admin for this. Access right rw-r--r-- may be enough, but this depends of the files are written as the uid of the running web server or your one. Usemod doesn't change any permissions. They were set from system or web server defaults. 666 should be unneccessary, 664 or 644 should be enough for the files -- MarkusLude

Q: eval { open( CMD, ... in *nix-windows system. 2007-09-19.

In WikiPatches/SourceHighlight appears this expression:

eval { open( CMD, "$this_cmd < $tmp_file |" ) || die $! };
It seems don't work fine in my windows system.

I guess it need syntax for calls to command line for windows environment.

Thanks in advance.

(February 22nd 2007)

I'd like to install a Usemod wiki on my site.

Q: I'd like to know if I can make certain pages non readable and accessible via a password. It is for private conversations, mostly.




The Usemod WikiEngine? doesn't support read permission for certain pages, but you could restrict read access by the usual methods of your web server.

(DB) Or use a program like HT Access. Thanks Markus for a very satisfactory answer. Keep up the good work!

If you have further questions you may put them on UserHelp.

Sorry if these are obvious questions, but

Q: How do I set up multiple wikis on the same computer? Is this possible?

A1: You could name the wiki scripts different or put them in different locations. Don't forget to set different DataDirs for each.

A2: You may write some wrapper scripts which sets DataDir and call the usemod script. This may require some changes to wiki.pl.

Q: How do I upload a UseMod wiki to the internet using my own domain?

A: Ask your admin / hoster how to install CGI scripts on the server.

& also, I am now getting this error message on my wiki when trying to edit my username in preferences - I wasn't getting it before...

Software error:

Could not get user-ID lock at /Library?/WebServer?/CGI-Executables/wiki.pl line 3694.

Please help!

Which operating system do you use? What did you change since it was working last time? It looks like the web server can't write the lockfile. You may look in the DataDir and remove the directory temp/main/.

Question: My page/ directory is almost empty, but I have all the pages in html/. Some how my page/ files got lost. How can I recreate the wiki versions(page/$ALPHA/$file.db) from the html files(html/$ALPHA/$file.htm)? I know I cant recreate the revision history, but that is fine.

Why not restore them from a backup? Were the files deleted by accident from the shell or from the script?

Follow up to response:

I rely on netapp snapshots, and they go back a week, and from the looks of it, this problem has existed for awhile. Everything is ok with the wiki site as long as no editing is done. Once editing is done, the site is broken in terms that the wiki is only aware of a handful of files and all links break. If I restore, and no editing is done, all links work(since I have the html). But once an edit is done, all links are lost except to a handful of pages. So, does anyone know how to recreate the wiki page/$alpha/$file.db files from the html? I tried some perl mods but they wouldnt dump out the actual contents of the html(only the header and footer, but not the body).

is it a patched script?
have you changed the timestamp?
have you changed the data base?

Help! My wikidb now has a 51MB 'user' directory, with only very light use ('keep' is only 2.8MB). Is something wrong? Can this be culled or safely deleted? Thanks, -- Gojomo?

I like the idea of a meta-wiki, but why can't this "base" wiki have some decent content too? If someone better at html than myself could write up a nice interface to make the site more user friendly (sort of like phpBB), that would be cool.

There are plenty of general purpose wikis. This isn't one of them. Try MeatBallWiki, which also runs UseMod.

Yes I've noticed there's lots of good antispam discussions taking place on MeatBallWiki, but also they've developed antispam patches for usemod, which for some reason have not been copied to this site (where they belong surely) I'm looking at [the ShotgunSpam patch] in particular. -- Halz - 20th Jan 2005

I have an installation problem with the windows version. Perl installed, ok. Apache installed, up and running. Wiki.pl copied to /cgi-bin/. When I execute wiki.pl, it runs in a DOS-Window and nothing happens. Can anybody help me?

Try renaming it to "wiki.cgi" and making sure the first line of the script points to your installed perl, e.g. #!/C:/perl/bin/perl

Q: is there a way to use pascalcase, but not want it as link?

And how to handle the links to uploades files which names are in pascalcase??

e.g. upload:ChiHuaha?.jpg

Thanks for help! I'm new to UseMod but it looks great.

-- chris

A: is useful for you tags "nowiki" for the first question?
alternatively, in config: $WikiLinks = 0; # 1 = use LinkPattern, 0 = use word? only
for the second question, as far as i know, you can render the image with pascal/camelcase with intermap.
Hope it helps --JuanmaMP

Q: Can Somebody... save changes (i.e 'test') at https://www.usemod.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?JuanmaMP? in my case always returns to the previous version. Thanks in advance.

A: Yes I could. Did you add or delete several urls?

Thanks, Markus. (It turned me crazy). Yes, I added or deleted several urls.

Some time ago code to deal with MeatBall:ShotgunSpam was added to the running wiki script, but no newer version than 1.0 was released.

Q: is there a way to get a SlashLink? to traverse more than one level?

i am trying to build a repository of document templates, and the structure looks something like the following:

my problem is that when i create /install under document_templates/windows, it is really document_templates/install, and not document_templates/windows/install which means that when i try to create document_templates/aix/install which will have different information, they conflict.

can it help you? https://www.usemod.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?WikiPatches/PeriPerify and [Cwick (www.archive.org)] engine with multi-level page hierarchy (sub pages can have more sub pages, and so on) based on Usemod 0.92 --JuanmaMP

A: Another way to implement arbitrary-depth hierarchy in usemod is to use WikiPatches/HierarchicalUsemodWiki. This also includes a navigational view for visually displaying the hierarchy.

unfortunately the second option here will most definitely not work, as in the notes section it explicitly says: This does not allow usemod SubPages to be deeper than usual (2 levels), this hierarchy is independent of the subpages. This patch can be used to organize the normally "flat" wiki pages into a tree. i am interpreting this to mean i cannot have more than one /windows link under document_templates.

i'm trying to figure out exactly what the first patch linked here does. the description is very difficiult to decipher.

Q: is mandatory $text here?:
 sub DoOtherRequest {
    my ($id, $action, $text, $search);


A: No, it's superfluous. It's safe to remove it. -- UngarPeter

Thxs --JuanmaMP

Q: I just updated my Windows XP Activeperl from Build 815 to Build 816. My local wiki (running with tiny web server) still runs OK for loading pages; all links work; when I hit edit, I get the edit window, but then when I try to save, I get "Internal Server Error: The system cannot find the path specified". I tried putting all the relevant directories in the system path, it did not help. The first line of my wiki.pl reads "#!c:/perl/bin/perl" and this is the correct path.

Answering my own question: Build 815 (based on Perl 5.7.x) works fine. Build 816 (based on Perl 5.8.x) gives this error, at least under the above conditions. So problem temporarily "solved".

Addition: Jan 07. Had to upgrade Perl. To keep life simple, switched from Tiny web server to Abyss web server, which was almost as easy to set up and work very well with the latest build 819.

Q: When I try wiki.pl?action=rss, I get a page titled "Internal Server Error", and the text says "CGI script cgi-bin/wiki.pl returned nothing". I am running UseModWiki version 1.0. Recent changes and View other revisions and Diff all work fine, though. Is there a way to step through the code and find out what is going wrong? Thanks!!!

Have you tried looking at the error log of your web server? It has a useful hint sometimes. Also, try running the script directly with action=http://anonymouse.org/cgi-bin/anon-www.cgi/http://www.usemod.org/cgi-bin/rss supplied as a parameter. Is it the standard usemod 1.0 script, or a modified version?

I have this problem with the standard issue wiki.pl as well. I just tried running wiki.pl action=http://anonymouse.org/cgi-bin/anon-www.cgi/http://www.usemod.org/cgi-bin/rss from the command prompt, and there is no error, I get a file that looks like rss output (has content-type: text/xml, and some rdf format notations, etc.). Maybe it is a problem with tiny, the web server I am running ? The errorlog is an empty file, so I guess errors are not being recorded from some (unrelated) reason. The access log is being updated, though, will that help ? Maybe I can send you the output of wiki.pl action=http://anonymouse.org/cgi-bin/anon-www.cgi/http://www.usemod.org/cgi-bin/rss ... thanks for the help !!

Could you increase the log level to get more infos?

I cant see how.. TinyWeb does not have any way to change these things. I have written to the author. Maybe I should upgrade my webserver. One other thing though: the page generated by action=http://anonymouse.org/cgi-bin/anon-www.cgi/http://www.usemod.org/cgi-bin/rss has a Content-type: text/xml header followed by a blank line.. Firefox will not load this xml file without error. I removed the line in DoRss? that says "print "Content-type: text/xml\n\n";" and now the output of action=http://anonymouse.org/cgi-bin/anon-www.cgi/http://www.usemod.org/cgi-bin/rss loads correctly in Firefox. Of course, all this is when I run wiki.pl action=http://anonymouse.org/cgi-bin/anon-www.cgi/http://www.usemod.org/cgi-bin/rss >test.xml from the command prompt and then load test.xml in Firefox.

Q: Is it currently possible to move the save button to the top of the edit box while editing ? Would it be relatively easy to implement ? Where can I look for hints ?

A: This is a trivial change in sub DoEdit. Find it, then look for the line that starts with "print $q->submit" and move it above the line that starts with "print &GetTextArea?" -- UngarPeter

Q: How can I communicate with other UseModWiki users? I can't seem to find a mailing list to participate in?

A: There is a UseModWiki/MailingList, but it is only used for announcements. Usually we use this wiki for communication.

Q: In general, should we put newest posts at the top of pages on this site (though, after the main content of the page), or newest-at-bottom?

A: I think, it doesn't matter. Maybe we should split this rather large page to pages about special topics or better include them in the UseModWiki/UseModFAQ --MarkusLude

Q: Is there any way to have UseModWiki automatically put in the current date -- something like <date> -- so we don't have to type it out all the time?

A: AFAIK there is no such way. We usually don't add the date tags. --MarkusLude

Q: Is it possible to add comments to the wiki markup ? So that they are displayed when someone tries to edit the page, but do not actually show up in any form in the html output ?

A1: There is no wiki markup for comments. This is usually what /Talk pages are for. If you use $RawHtml (not advisable on public wikis, see the warning at the RawHtml page) you can embed HTML comments into the page like this: <html><!-- This here is a comment --></html>. -- UngarPeter

A2: You could add markup for comments to the wiki script, if you can write perl.

A3: UseMod:WikiPatches/Hide? --JuanmaMP

Response: The patch from JuanmaMP works great, thank you !! We are using usemod to create a shared space for data-analysis and report-writing, and we often are in a situation where the display on the screen is the finished product for readers, while comments inside the markup serve as notes for those who are involved in writing the report.

Q: What is the easiest way to supply image size attributes when linking to uploaded images ? I want to be able to say for example, display at "x pixels by y pixels, or shrink by 50 percent" etc.

A: There are two ways to do this:

Beware: both are considered harmful if the wiki is exposed to the general public (see the warning about sad animals at the RawHtml page). -- UngarPeter
Q: what about http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?WelcomeVisitors, and another links of the site?.

It says "You don't have permission to access /cgi/wiki on this server."

A: No it doesn't. Maybe it did, sometimes c2.com is a little cranky. -- UngarPeter

Q: How can I tell which version of usemodwiki I'm running? I'm also interested in doing what I can as an administrator to limit spam by adding patches and the like. These seem difficult to do. Is there a clean install that might be easier? 15-Sept-2005


Thank you. 1.0 is the answer. Knowing that, anything about patches and the like? -- TedErnst

A: (palliative) wiki.pl?action=editbanned to ban IP/network/host (as admin).

Thanks. I do that, but the same spammers come back with other IPs. I feel like now I've banned nearly everyone. This makes for a closed wiki. Any other solutions? --TedErnst

Do you know, if the spammer works with a script or does s/he the spamming manually? Are the IPs from the same region or does the spammer work over open proxies?

The IPs are from all over. I don't know about script or manual. How can I tell?

A: You may restrict editing to editors only and place an editor password somewhere on the wiki as PaulMorrison mentioned on WikiSuggestions/AdminFeatures.

Okay, this is what I've done tonight after another space attack. Please see http://www.humanistcenterofcultures.org/wiki/wiki.cgi?RecentChanges to see how I did it.

How I have another question. The page TedErnst is also showing up in RecentChanges as Tedernst and one sub-page is that way as well. What's up with that?

You are running UseMod on Microsoft IIS 6.0. Since UseMod relies on the filesystem to ensure the case sensitivity of page names, and Windows (unlike Unix-like operating systems) does not provide this, e.g. the file Pages/T/TedErnst is also accesible as Pages/T/Tedernst. Thus you can access the same page with different URI's, and also edit the page with different URI's -- UngarPeter

A: You may restrict the number of http-links added on a page. See MeatBall:ShotgunSpam.

This script hacking is not something I'm comfortable wtih yet. Maybe when I have some skills. :-) Thanks!

Q: Why am I sent to the wrong URL upon saving each edit? 26-June-2005

Every time I save an edit, I encounter an error. The good news is that the changes that I've just made are indeed saved. The bad news is that after making the edit, rather than being returned successfully to the original page, the script forgets to include the $DataDir value and tries to direct my query to the /cgi/ dir itself [i.e. "http://treesong.org/cgi/?Topic", which obviously just creates a 500 error].

Setting $RedirType to 3 seems to fix the problem, but it would be quite a loss in functionality to have to keep it that way permanently. There must be a simple fix in the code somewhere -- some tweak that I can make either in config or the main script to ensure that whenever it redirects after an edit, it makes sure to go to my $DataDir info [or some other variable that it should be using] rather than defaulting to the CGI directory as described above.

Any ideas on how to fix this? I'll dig around in the code a bit but nothing is coming to mind so far. This seems to be a bug in the script itself, although I don't know why I'm the lucky one encountering the bug and most other users don't seem to. Thanks in advance for any help, and I'll reply to this here if I figure it out on my own.


A: Who knows -- but $FullUrl can fix it.

After much experimenting, I realized that there is a simple solution. In the Config file [or the main scripf file], you can change $FullUrl to reflect the full URL of your script's location [including "wiki.pl" or whatever you named it]. So far, this has fixed the problem 100%. This might be a good thing to add to a FAQ somewhere...


Maybe have a look at RewriteRule, if you use them for rewriting urls.

Q: about categories of character set? 23-May-2005

Hello out there (again),

I would like to know about the perl script (I don't program in Perl) where the character set is defined for each categories?; Any example? The problem is that it does not allow tildes for the Spanish language in names of blogs (Cwick), for example . Thanks in advance. --Juanmamp?

Q: UseMod for Software Bug Tracking? 8-May-2005

I have a simple UseMod installation at work and we have a group of us entering documents, HOWTOs, etc into the system but I'd like to incorporate something to help us keep track of the problems we find with the software we use (the group is comprised of mainly software users, not developers/maintainers).

We don't need anything terribly sophisticated but we do need reports, etc for bugs that have (not) been fixed, lists of new bugs, etc across a number of products.

If I was doing something standalone on our intranet, I could do something with CGI scripts using forms, etc with perl and ODBC/DBM ... but I'd like to integrate it with the UseMod-based wiki... or would it be simpler to have a separate 'application'?

Just looking for some suggestions... and I don't know if this is the best place to ask... --Ozboomer

I use UseModWiki as an intranet application. I have modified wiki.pl in such a way that constructs as <l>a^2+b^2=c^2</l> are handled by LaTeX and its result is automatically inserted as a PNG file.

Part of the construct <l>a^2+b^2=c^2</l> is copied to a temporary latex file. This file has a preamble such as




What I like to do is the following: I would like to store such a preamble in a wiki-page, say LatexPreamble?. Each time a new latex file is created, wiki.pl has to read the contents of LatexPreamble?.

The question is which function in wiki.pl can I use to read the contents of page LatexPreamble? while processing the wiki page with the latex construction?


ChrisVanUffelen? 21-04-2005

is there any way to lock a page that is redirecting to another page? I'm having a spam problem and would like at least that page to not be spammed -- TedErnst

set the lock with wiki.pl?action=pagelock&set=1&id=PageName?, to unlock use set=0.

I've installed wiki, from the Home page I enter some text and click save and get this message: "Undefined subroutine &UseModWiki::WriteStringToFile? called at /var/www/cgi-bin/wiki.pl line 2441" Why???


wiki.pl fails with "Insecure dependency" error

Help, I'm installing UseModWiki for the first time. I am able to view my sandbox and Formatting Rules but when I hit the save button I get the following error message: Software error: "Insecure dependency in open while running with -T switch at /var/www/cgi-bin/wiki.pl line 2839.

The line of code it's referring to is:

 sub WriteStringToFile? {
  my ($file, $string) = @_;

  concat(OUT, ">$file") or die(Ts('cant write %s', $file) . ": $!"); # line 2839
  print OUT  $string;

And I have no idea what it means. Any suggestions?

'Running with -T switch' means that Perl is running with taint checking enabled. This checks whether user-supplied values are being passed directly to a system command (open, in sub WriteStringToFile?). That's potentially dangerous, so Perl throws an "Insecure dependency" error and quits before damage could happen.

Version 1.0 of wiki.pl doesn't enable taint checking (though it should -- see [CGI/Perl Taint Mode FAQ] and [Security Issues in Perl Scripts: Perl Taint Mode]). WikiPatches/TaintMode enables taint checking, and corrects two routines that cause the error above.

(wiki.pl should run cleanly with warnings (-w) enabled too, but it doesn't.)

Q: Banned list on lan 2005-04-08

is possible with private ip's?

thanks in advance. -- Juanmamp?

Ban them the same way you would normal IP addresses. --ChuckAdams

Hi Markus,

Maybe you can help me.

I am trying to make a search formula for Usemod. You know, a URL formula sort of to search for a word for example.

I know how to make an edit at the URL: https://www.usemod.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?action=edit&id=RobertAbitbol

Q: * Is there a way to indicate in the URL that I want a title search and not a file search? 2005-15-01


-- [Robert Abitbol]?


The current software always searchs titles and body, but has two subroutines in regard to searching, SearchTitleAndBody and SearchBody. The current UseModKr Wiki (0.92k3-ext2.11), heavily based on UseMod, has three subroutines about it: SearchTitleAndBody, SearchBody and SearchTitle?. Anyway SearchBody and SearchTitle? seem to be without use. Maybe, someone will take a look about this patch on this wiki; feel free suggest this and more. --JuanmaMP

A friend was hosting my wiki on his server and just moved it to my server (that I don't own, but pay for). He locked it for editing with an admin password which is fine, but now I cannot put that password in or even get to my preferences page to set my user name. The error tells me to email the webmaster which unfortunately is me. :-) --TedErnst

Here's the URL http://www.humanistcenterofcultures.org/wiki/wiki.cgi?action=editprefs

Here's the error message:

Could not get user-ID lock at D:\xxx\humanistcenterofcultures.org\wiki\wiki.cgi line 3697.

For help, please send mail to this site's webmaster, giving this error message and the time and date of the error. [Thu Jan 6 04:17:39 2005] wiki.cgi: Could not get user-ID lock at D:\xxx\humanistcenterofcultures.org\wiki\wiki.cgi line 3697.

Good news, this was easy. The permissions were not set on the db folder to allow write access for everyone. All set now.

I've installed UseMod on my gateway (which has a very light load), and saving pages is quite slow. 20-30 seconds to save a page and have it come back to my browser. OpenBSD? 3.4 on a Celeron 466. ~200MB of memory free. Disks are mirrored running on a 3ware controller (can't remember model number). I am using soft updates (sort of a journaling feature that lets you run your disks safely with asymetric writes). This is perl, v5.8.0 built for i386-openbsd Apache: Server Version: Apache/1.3.28 (Unix) PHP/4.3.3 mod_ssl/2.8.15

TIA - ChrisLawson

My guess is that there is some problem with the locking subroutine. (This could conceivably be caused by the soft updates, although there might be some other cause.) The first thing to try is to remove the temp directory (and any files contained within that directory). If that doesn't fix the problem, try changing the following subroutine:

sub RequestLock {
  # 10 tries, 3 second wait, possibly die on error
  return &RequestLockDir("main", 10, 3, $LockCrash);


sub RequestLock {
  return 1;
  # 10 tries, 3 second wait, possibly die on error
  return &RequestLockDir("main", 10, 3, $LockCrash);

...and see if the problem goes away. (This would disable the locking mechanism, but it is very unlikely that there will be any problems resulting from this. I still recommend backing up your wiki database occasionally just in case of a problem.) If these suggestions don't work, let me know and I'll look for other possible causes. (Is the preview button also very slow? The preview function also uses the locking function.) --CliffordAdams

Changing the RequestLock? function doesn't affect the time to save. The proview button works quickly, in less than three seconds. Mounting the drives without soft updates doesn't seem to change anything either. CPU usage is very low during the save. Save actually takes about 80-90 seconds. I watched the [iostat] output for 100 samples and the CPU never hits more than 50% usage.

The wiki is perfectly functional (and fun to play with), so I'm not super worried about this (Saves aren't the lion's share of my usage). Given that no one else seems to be experiencing it, I'll just assume it's a hardware or config problem. I was mostly hoping it was an known problem with an easy fix. I'll check back to see if there's any other suggestions. Also I can post whatever output you like, maybe a run of iostat without the save going and one with the save going? Or a version of the wiki with profiling etc. It's not a big deal. Thanks again -ChrisLawson

Feb2006: I found this entry when I was searching for reasons why my saving was slow, so here's my solution for future searchers... try changing the UseLookup variable to 0, that was really slowing me down. RogerPilkey

edit lock? 30Dec04


On http://www.carpe.com/wiki/wiki.pl I get a

Could not get editing lock at /usr/local/etc/httpd/htdocs/carpegas/wiki/wiki.pl line 3240.

When I try to save a page.

I made sure there is enough disk-space on the server. But at one time the server was full.

How do I go back to normal?

Thanks OliverGassner

Oliver, try using the [unlock action] to forcibly remove a stuck lock. -- RichardP

Tried that just now, and although the system tells me I got admin abilities the edit-lock / unlock-function tells me. "This operation is restricted to administrators only...".
I had the porblem of a stuck lock before, I just renamed the nodeit file in the wikidb and it was solved. I'll try with that... Any other suggestions on how to remove the lock manually? (I Have EditPass set now to prevent further spamming)
Update: Managed to get an 'edit lock removed' message: but the error persists. --OliverGassner

Oliver, I think you are confusing the unlock action with the editlock action. The unlock action has nothing to do with restricting editing and it doesn't require admin privledges to run. The unlock action forcibly unsticks an internal UseModWiki semaphore, a semaphore that is used by UseModWiki to serialize edits to the database. Just now I've gone to your wiki at carpe.com, run the unlock action, and then made an edit to it's SandBox page. Editing on carpe.com appears to be fine now. -- RichardP

RichardP's suggestions should work in most cases. If the problem returns, it might help to remove the "temp" directory (and all the files it contains). Note that carpe.com is using a variant of UseModWiki 0.92. In UseModWiki 1.0 the wiki will automatically remove stuck locks (after a delay) to avoid this problem. --CliffordAdams

Ok, yesterday and on Jan 1st it worked (and I had a zillion spammers), Today it was stuck again and removing /temp woked too. As I patched my wiki (but do not exactly remember how) to accept Umlauts (äöü) and ß in CamelCase words I am hesittant to upgrade ;). -- OliverGassner

Set $NonEnglish? to 1 and you should use äöüß and some more.

more spam fun 24Dec04

Hi guys. I'm more or less certain the answer to this question will be no, but I thought it was worth a try ... anyway, we have a major spam problem over at ExaltedWiki? too, but the admin has been AWOL for months and we can't rely on him to do anything (or even find him). Is there anything that we humble users can do without an admin password beyond reverting everything to prior revisions? Please say yes? It's really out of hand. Thanks. ~ Shataina

Unfortunately, there isn't really anything you can do as ordinary users. If the admin is completely unavailable, maybe the best thing to do is to start another wiki and copy the old pages over. If you can reach the admin even briefly, however, it should only take a few minutes to set up an admin password that could be shared by core users of the wiki. (Once an admin password is in place it is easy to ban the usual spam networks.) --CliffordAdams

spam blocking 17Dec04

HI, i still feel the need to lock my wiki to spammers. and I don't want to give my central editor password away. Is there a simple patch that alows me to grant writing permission only to those who set a user name via 'Preferences'?

Thanks OliverGassner

I don't know of any patches like that, and some spammers use user names anyway. One thing that might help is that you can use more than one editor password for various types of users. For example, you could have pass1 for really trusted users, pass2 for mostly-trusted users, and pass3 for semi-trusted users. If one of the semi-trusted users spams, you would just remove that password (pass3) from the list. (You could even have a different password for every user if you wish, although a long list would be difficult to maintain.)

To use multiple passwords, simply separate them with a space in the $EditPass setting. For example: $EditPass = "pass1 pass2 pass3"; --CliffordAdams

Entering Editor Password 08Dec04

It appears that once the wiki is 'locked', you must enter the 'Editor' password into the 'Administrator Password' preferences box, rather than the user 'Set Password' box, to gain edit rights. Is this correct? If so, naming the 'Administrator Password' box 'Administrator/Editor? Password' instead would have saved me some confusion. Thanks,

That is correct. The editor password was added later, and I didn't want to rewrite the interface at the time. --CliffordAdams

Using UseModWiki standalone on WinXP? 30Nov04

I am using UseModWiki as a database locally on a WinXP? Pro machine. This works fine most of the time. However, when I try to link to files on the local hard drives, I have a problem. If I create a link such as:

[File XX]

this works fine when I'm online. However, as soon as I disconnect the machine, the file is no longer found. I've tried other combinations for naming the file and nothing seems to work. Any ideas??


If you set $LimitFileUrl? to 0, then you should be able to use links like:

[file:///C$/doc/xx.doc File XX]

The reason this is limited by default is to prevent some possible security problems for online wikis. --CliffordAdams

Q 500 error on install

Nov 19th 2004

I am trying to install usemod on an Apache server. The perl path is configured correctly, and permissions are 755. I copied wiki.pl to the cgi-bin directory and pointed MyDataDir? to a directory called "/wiki". When I browse to wiki.pl, I get an Error 500 page (Internal Server Error) -- am I missing something totally obvious?


--Brad Rourke

The 500 by itself doesn't give any useful information. Look at your apache error log and see what it says there.

Thanks...solved. It was permissions. --Brad

This can also be caused if the .pl files are uploaded from local to your *nix server in binary xfer mode. You'll have to re-upload in ascii mode. If you've made changes to the files on the box, you can't copy that down to local in ascii and reup in ascii to fix cuz it's already screwed.

The best way to avoid this problem is to do all your config and wiki.pl editing on the server thru your console connection.

1) up the tar.gz to your server (binary of course) 2) gzip -d usemod10.tar.gz to unpack the gz to a tar 3) tar xvf usemod10.tar to explode the tar into files. 4) use the vim text editor to make your changes (docs on vim can be found all over the web... and if you're a beginner with *nix command line you'll want some handy.) --DarrinLowery?

Q spam blocking Nov 6th 2004

I have so much Spam that I would like to lock the wiki to people who have not set preferences, or say, whose name has a three digit number followed by a . in it ;) I am no programmer, but is there a patch for this? How do I close the wiki to people with no username / Password?

(I have a spammer a day apmming to 5-10 pages, it's a pain...) - OliverGassner

The easiest way to semi-close the wiki is to set up an "editor" password ($EditPass), then lock the wiki (using an admin login). Users who enter the proper editor password can still edit, but all others will be blocked. See AdminFeatures for a little more information. --CliffordAdams

I am not rellay sure how to set an editor password. I also seem to have an older version of usemod, but am hesitant to update as the newvwer version does not seem to accpt german umlauts on my server. see http://carpe.com/wiki/

Q diff is not working October 29th

i've installed a usemod wiki, everything is working fine except the diffs. i only get "No diff available" messages. in wiki.pl and config "usediff" is on of course. i have the feeling that it has to do with the $ENV{PATH} setting (i left it default "/usr/bin/";) any suggestions? thank you for your help. cs

which operating system do you use? on unix variants "which diff" will show you the correct path, which is usually /usr/bin.

Q Charset and chars October 20th

I've tried to set up a local wiki and encountered two problems. Whenever I try to set HttpCharset to something different than "", I get an error:

 Undefined subroutine CGI::charset
Also, when I try to save a page with non-english names, I also get an error:
 cant write ./archive//page/G[/Gammastrålning Och Svarta Hål]?.db: Invalid argument at /[path]/wiki/wiki.pl line 2839.
The wiki is supposed to be in english but will contain pages with some Scandinavians names. Thanks for any help -- Ulrik

Did you try to change this parameter in the config file?:
$NonEnglish? = 1; # 1 = extra link chars, 0 = only A-Za-z chars

Yes, I did, and it was possible to link to the non-existant page like so Gammastrålning?, but trying to save it reached the error. Note: the file is touched & created in the database, but it doesn't save content. -- Ulrik

and Gammastrålning_Och_Svarta_Hål?
I could it.

Q: Installing at Tripod website

After I have put everything in the cgi-bin dir and open the wiki.pl using a web browser below is what I get from the tripod website:

Your script produced this error: Can't locate strict.pm in @INC (@INC contains: . / /lib /site_perl) at wiki.pl line 30. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at wiki.pl line 30.

May I know what is wrong? Many Thanks. --BoonPhing?

This is odd--the "strict" library is generally considered part of standard Perl. You could try removing the line which reads:

use strict;

...near the top of the script. This would avoid the error that was reported. I suspect that there might be other problems, but maybe this minor change would work. (The "use strict;" line is not needed to use the wiki, but it makes it easier to find errors if the wiki code is changed.) --CliffordAdams

Thanks Cliff. I found out that Tripod website do not support some of the packages. And I have to install them myself. That is the problem. Anyway, I have hosted it using my own PC. --BoonPhing?

Q: grep and head for windows? (LoginLogoutPatch?)] (2004-08-28)

is possible grep and head for WikiPatches/LoginLogoutPatch under CygWin?.
This patch in Windows return:

 "The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers. The headers it did return are:".
Anything for windows?.
Thanks in advance. --JuanmaMP

Q: Top Ten feature? (2004-08-07)

I found this page in ym wiki: http://www.carpe.com/wiki/wiki.pl?LiteraturweltWikiTopTen It does not seem to update; and in the meantime I also changed the Name of the Wiki. How can I get http://www.carpe.com/wiki/wiki.pl?CarpeWikiTopTen to

  1. be generated
  2. update?

I did not find anything in the wiki itself or in this wiki about this feature.

Thanks OliverGassner

How to install a patch (2004-02-08)

I have installed some wikis at home like localhost, and I would like to obtain more features.

My question is (I'm not a programmer, my first language was chemistry, oops!, :) ), for example, when appears "@@ -59,7 +59,7" or "@@ -1480,8 +1486,10 @@" how to insert the code? .

I've seen in another patches: *** 45,51 **** and I suppose that means lines between 45 and 51 but I don't understand the first expression like "@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@" etc.

Thanks for advance. Wikis are "great"!. Sorry for my English. -- JuanmaMP

If you are using a UNIX (or Linux or Mac OSX) system, you can use the patch program to insert the code. For example, if your wiki is called "wiki.pl" and the patch is saved in "patch.txt", you can type:

patch wiki.pl < patch.txt

...to apply the patch. If you are using Windows, you can download a patch program from [1]. Finally, if you want to apply a patch manually, [2] has a short explanation of the "diff file" format. --CliffordAdams

Thanks. -- JuanmaMP

Creating a closed user group (2004-04-07)

Is there some way you can you make Wiki a closed user group? So that only specific people can go and see the post and edit them?

Closing editing is possible by setting an editor and/or admin password, then making the wiki read-only (which you can do using the admin toolbar). View restriction is currently not possible within the wiki--you will need to use webserver access control (like .htaccess files for Apache) to limit read access. --CliffordAdams

Setting up UseModWiki at localhost (2004-04-07)

I have set up phpbb on my localhost(/var/www/html). What is the procedure to install usemod wiki at localhost? Do I have to create a directory cgi-bin under /var/www/html? And do I have to keep only wiki.pl file in this directory?

OR, do I have to copy the wiki.pl file to /var/www/cgi-bin directory? I am really confused and helpless, so any help would be appreciated.

-Distressed soul (shashank.s@rediffmail.com)

Date format(YYYY-DD-MM)

There are a few options. The easiest option might be to rename "wiki.pl" to "wiki.cgi". (Many webservers will execute scripts anywhere if they end with ".cgi".) Alternately, you could put "wiki.pl" into an existing cgi-bin directory. (It might not work if you create a new cgi-bin, depending on your server settings.)

You only need to keep the wiki.pl file in that directory. Any other files (config, intermap, etc.) should go wherever you decide the $DataDir should be. If you need more help, email me (caadams@usemod.com) and I'll try to figure something out. --CliffordAdams

Invalid UserID 111, preferences not saved.

When I user preferences i get the message Invalid UserID 111, preferences not saved. (Preferences require cookies, but no cookie was sent.) The browser does in fact accept and save a cookie. I have tried changing the cookie name in the config file and on a new attempt to change preferences a cookie with the configured name is indeed stored. If I try anyway to login with the userid proposed on the preferences page the login fails. Appreciate any assistance.

The first thing I would try is using a different browser to eliminate the possibility of a browser-related problem. (For example, I have heard that Lynx sometimes doesn't work well with UseModWiki, although it has worked in my testing.)

If the problem persists, it might help to know:

I suspect an old version of CGI.pm or a browser-related problem at this point. --CliffordAdams

I had received the same error. I had set $StartUID? = 1; in the config. Solution: Set $StartUID? back to 1001. --DarrinLowery?

I found a hard coded cookie exiry date in wiki.pl of 08-sep-2010 causes this error. Soln push the year forwards for an instant fix --RichardWatkins?

IIRC since version 1.0 it is 2013, but the date should be dynamically calculated. Thanks for the reminder! -- MarkusLude

Yes, it is set to Sept 8, 2013, and it just expired. Glad this note was here or I may never have found the problem -- JohnBrooks?

Me too - found and fixed. +1 to the above - Jon

Question: Protected areas

Is it possible to make some parts of the Wiki to remain private? Something like password-protected that people can´t not see without knowing the password. Thanks

In UseModWiki 1.0 there are no features to limit view access to the wiki. (You can use webserver controls like .htaccess files to limit access to the wiki script, but that will limit all access to the script.) I am seriously considering an option to limit view access for a future release, but it would be for all viewing, not just parts of the wiki. --CliffordAdams

One way to limit view access to a wiki is to control the creation of the cookie (the user has to know ahead of time which action would create this cookie). In the code below only '?action=newlogin' allows a user to enter the Wiki).
I added this Perl code to wiki.pl (version 1.0) after line '&InitCookie()' at line 425:
  &InitCookie();         # Reads in user data
# The beginning of the new code 
  my $action;
  if ($UserID == 111)  {  # don't know this user
    $action = lc(&GetParam('action', ''));
    if ($action ne 'newlogin') {    # is not a new login, then quit
      &ReportError("This is a closed System");
      exit 1;
# The end of the new code
  return 1;

Moving my wiki

<strike>My wiki is currently here: http://eversion.freeshell.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl

I need to move it. I've just bought a new hosting service and transferred the whole thing over to it using ftp (back to my machine and then over to the new host). I think I've chmod'ed everything correctly but it still doesn't like it. I get a server error and my error log says 'premature end of script headers'.

I've used usemod before as a fresh install with this hosting company (http://rob.annable.co.uk/wlw/wiki.pl), but this is the first time I've tried to move something.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks, Rob Annable</strike>

I moved just the wiki.pl, config file and the 'pages' folder and left everything else. It worked!

For the benefit of others, the "premature end of script headers" error is almost always caused by a problem with the wiki.pl file. If you can look at your webserver's "script error log" it may be helpful. If other permissions were wrong the usual behavior would be an error when saving a page or (less commonly) an apparently-empty wiki (if it can't read the old page files). --CliffordAdams

I'm attempting to move a wiki from host to host, just as described above. I downloaded everything from original host to my winXP machine, edited the wiki.cgi with the new path, and uploaded everything to the new location and I'm getting an generic 500 error when trying to view the wiki. In the logs, I'm finding the "premature end of script headers" error. Help? -- TedErnst

Never mind. I followed the suggestion on the install page to use EditPad? Lite (http://www.editpadpro.com/editpadlite.html) to convert the script to unix text and that worked. -- TedErnst

URLs containing spaces

How do I link to an URL which contains a space? For example, "File://nt_server/Products/Here I am.txt".

I am setting up a Wiki on an intranet. I have added various useful directories to my InterMap file, so what I really want is something like "Products:Here I am.txt" which will expand to the File:// thing. I've tried using square brackets, double square brackets, + and _.

-- DaveHarris

You need to use the ugly %20 notation like "Products:Here%20I%20am.txt". You can make it look nicer using bracket links like [Products:Here%20I%20am.txt Here I am.txt]. --CliffordAdams

I have a Usemod 1.0 Wiki. When i type a line of text followed by one enter of return,and some more text, there is no linefeed on the wiki page. When I type two enters, there are two linefeeds (a blank line between the 2 sentences. I have read that this is by design. However, I don't want that to happen. Ik cut and paste lines of code in the wiki, and the layout is all messed up. Is there any way to change this behaviour?

-- JeroenZ??

You can wrap sections of code with the <pre> ... </pre> tags to make the code sections display properly. (There is no way to change this setting for the entire wiki.) For example, if you enter the following:

<pre>Line one Line two--note that WikiWords are not links in pre-formatted sections Line three</pre>

...it will display as:

Line one
Line two--note that WikiWords are not links in pre-formatted sections
Line three

Alternately, for short sections you can insert <br> tags whenever you want a linebreak. --CliffordAdams

Anchors in pages whose name contains spaces, July 16 2004


How do I use anchors in pages whose name contains spaces? I've tried various combination of free-links, url's in square brackets, |'s %20's and #'s but didn't find a working one. Ideally I'd like to use a local page name (like in a free link), without having to specify the wiki's URL in the link.

Let's say my page is called "a b" which contains an anchor "c", how does this page refer to it's anchor? BTW: is there a better way to implement foot notes?

 Amnon Harel

I'm not sure I understand your question, but you might want to try replacing spaces with _ (underscore) characters. The wiki code generally translates spaces to _ characters for wiki page URLs and page filenames. If that doesn't work, let me know and I'll try to figure something out.--CliffordAdams

Thanks Clifford. [3] did the trick. Cheers, Amnon.

Writing Access

Hi! After uploading images I can't view it and when I visit the link for the image it said "Forbidden - You don't have permission to access..." How can I fix it? Thank you! -- Jim Wong

Assuming you are using Unix, the http server will try to access the uploads directory as a user different from your userid, e..g user nobody. So permissions must be set to allow the user nobody to read and write files in that directory. --- Mike Hudson

Upload Link Appearance

I like the upload feature in 1.0 but I was expecting to be able to use a syntax like [upload:file.txt description] and have it appear as [description], but instead it just appears as [upload:file.txt description]. Is this intended or am I missing something? --- Mike Hudson.

I didn't think about this case when I wrote the upload feature, so it does not work in 1.0. I might add this feature (upload descriptions) to the next release. If you would like it sooner, email me and I'll send you instructions to patch the wiki. (It isn't a trivial patch--a few parts of the code need to be modified.)

Alternately, you could add an InterWiki prefix like "Files:" to your local "intermap" file, pointing to the upload directory. Then you could write something like [Files:myfile.txt description] and it would work. --CliffordAdams

Yes, that works great. Though I would like for the proposed syntax to handle images and display them, showing the description as an ALT text. -- PEZ

Windows User with Unix Host

For those of us using windows at home, and uploading to a UNIX host, changing the database location address during installation seems to present an insurmountable problem. When I edit the wiki.pl to remove /tmp from the data directory, it becomes useless to the server. Can something be done about this?

Solutions could be:


The problem is that editing on Windows changes the end-of-line characters from a single CR character into two characters (CR + LF). It is impossible to move the data location to the config file, because the config file is located inside the $DataDir. Here are my suggestions (choose one):

If none of these work for you, email me (caadams@usemod.com) and I can write a short CGI script to do the conversion for you. --CliffordAdams

The first tip is perfect. Simple and readily available. Thanks!

Simple Way To Move A Page?

Suppose I have a link to page Mypage and I want to change Mypage to be named Mynewpage. How can I do this without copying Mypage to Mynewpage, changing link names, and orphaning Mypage?

Thanks! -- John Andrews

There is another way if you have set an admin password in $AdminPass? and the same in your preferences, you could use the editlinks action: LocalWiki:action=editlinks. Maybe also see Actions and AdminFeatures. --MarkusLude

WantedPages?-like functionality?

I've only been wiki-ing for a few weeks now, so please bear with me. I'm trying to get a simple listing of all the links to unwritten pages on my [wiki] using the "links&exists=0" action in wiki.pl, but as you can see that action yields a page that never finishes loading. Am I doing something wrong? That same request seems to work on other UseMod wikis. Another (possibly related) thing: the ?action=rss command doesn't seem to produce anything either.

Do you mean "action=links&exists=0"? This and "action=rss" both works for me here. These pages may take some time to load. Maybe you need to wait longer. --MarkusLude

Well, I tried that, and the pages eventually just sorta gave up loading. Try these two links: [RSS] and [exists=0]. Update: funny thing is, the RSS link actually work for me in IE6, but not in Firefox (0.9). The "exists" link doesn't work in either though. --JP?

I've no problems with the first link (rss) (old Mozilla 1.2.1). The other one seems to take too long to run. Maybe too much to do or the machine is too slow?

That's possible I guess. Those particular actions don't rely on any other server software other than Perl, right? Is there a minumum Perl verion requirement for some features? If so, how might I check the Perl version for my host's server? If it's not that, is there any sort of weird cruft in certain wikis that makes some of these actions really slow? As far as I know there's nothing odd about my wiki, not even that much content yet. --JP?

Really all I want is something comparable to the "Non-existing pages most linked to" functionality that MediaWiki has (such as [this wiki]). Is this possible with UseMod?

Thanks in advance, I've extremely pleased with this software so far!

- JP?

I kept fiddling around with my tables, trying to left align the text, with no luck. I edited the table formatting page here are usemod to illustrate the problem. The purported methods to left/center/right align do not work. All table data is always centered. Any thoughts or solutions?

Here is the same illustration:

First First First Centered Centered Centered Right Right Right
First Centered Right
Next is empty C


UseMod's table functionality unfortunately always centers the data. It requires a change to the source code to do otherwise. I was thinking of just using a modified MoinMoin table syntax for DomesuWiki, but actually now that I look at your example, I think I like the idea of just turning "space on one side of the || but not the other ||" to make the content tend to "stick" to that side of the cell. Should be easy enough to do. Other stuff in Moin could be useful tho. I'm staying away from Twiki's table markup because it requires more lookahead. -- ChuckAdams

My second question is this. I set up a usemod wiki that is named: 4 Years in Armenia (at http://www.cilicia.com/stories.pl)

Now when you go to that page, it looks as if nothing has been added there and it is a brand new wiki. This is not so, which you can see simply by clicking on "4 Years in Armenia", the wiki name, in the top menu (taking you to http://www.cilicia.com/stories.pl?4_Years_In_Armenia). I suspect this has to do with the fact that I decided to use a number rather than a letter for the first character of the wiki name. Perhaps using the site name "Four Years in Armenia" would work better, but I like the "4". Any thoughts, suggestions, fixes??? Thanks!

It seems to me that the problem is that you set the $HomePage to "4_Years_in_Armenia", and the wiki software needs each word in the $HomePage setting to start with a capital/uppercase letter. Try changing the $HomePage to "4_Years_In_Armenia" and see if that works. If not, let me know and I'll look into it further. --CliffordAdams

Perfect, thanks! Any thoughts on the table issue above this one?

I love the way UseMod works, but I'm having some trouble getting it set up. UseMod will appear to work fine, untill I try to edit a page. Then I get the message:

Software error:

cant write /home/sites/gecko/www/public_html/wiki/temp/old_diff: No such file or directory at /home/sites/gecko/www/public_html/wiki/wiki.pl line 2839.

For help, please send mail to the webmaster (admin@gecko.f2o.org), giving this error message and the time and date of the error.

Do I need to manuely create some directories or something? Thanks! -James

It sounds like /home/sites/gecko/www/public_html/wiki/temp doesn't exist -- I suspect that the temp directory isn't writable by the CGI process. The wiki/temp directory needs to have the same permissions as the wiki/page directory. -- ChuckAdams

Q: Is there a manual? E.g. want to know which patterns work for Search: . I can use "want.*know" to find this line, but how to find a page having "word1" and "word2"? -- ErnstJanich 29.10.2004

IIRC a perl regular expression is used for searching. In your example "word[12]" should do it. --MarkusLude

You missed the real question. E.g. how can I find a wiki page that has "Lude"
and has "Janich" somewhere in it ;-) -- ErnstJanich 4.11.2004

Ahh sorry... AFAIK the search pattern applies only to one line a time. Therefore it's not possible without changes to the script. Changing /i in function SearchBody() to /ims may help you. --MarkusLude
As ML said, have a look at extended regexps as used in perl, your example would be: (word1.*word2|word2.*word1) --RadoS

Q: Migrating from Atiswiki to Usemod - repository conversion tools available?

I am considering upgrading a largish wiki (several hundred pages) from the Atiswiki engine to Usemod. In order to automate the process I am considering of writing a script to convert material from RCS-based Atiswiki repository to a Usemod db. However, in order to not replicate somehing that has already been done: are there any tools for Atiswiki to Usemod migration already in existence? -- TuomasToivonen

I am not aware of any such tools. --CliffordAdams

It might work to write a script that uses LWP to spiders the Atiswiki site and writes to the Usemod site. Or, if you want a less automated solution, hack the Atiswiki script and add a "Export to my Usemod-wiki site" link to it. -- PEZ

Q: Mandatory emailing?

It is possible to set up the wiki so that it automatically emails me whenever someone makes a change? --AndrewDucker

It is not possible without making significant changes to the code. --CliffordAdams

You can use [jabber] (f.e. jabber client [Psi]) and an [RSS-Jabber service] to subscribe to your own RecentChanges using the UseMod RssFeed? capabilities. That way you get messages in your instant messanging client when somebody edits. --Mutante
(and then there might be an email gateway for jabber messages to get back on topic and solve the problem most weird but without changing the wiki code ;)

Q: How can I prevent, that a word written in CamelCase will be a link?

I want to write LaTeX? or SuSE?, but I do not want, that these words are WikiLinks. What can I do?

Read about the TextFormattingRules and use the <nowiki> tag or six single quotes. The later one only works at one place per line. <nowiki>LaTex</nowiki> Su''''''Se

Thank you!

Q: Newbie question: I set my admin password. How do I login as admin & set editbanned to a page?

On the preferences page is a new field if an admin password is set. Type it in there.

Q: I need to print out a set of pages from my wiki and would like to do this by having them all on a single (very long) html page. Is there an easy way for this? The pages in question are all linked with a CategoryPage? mark if that helps. I can find my way pretty well around the script so I just need som pointers on where to start looking. Thanks in advance! -- JohanPeitz - 25th Jan 2005

In general when printing any HTML webpage, I find its best to copy from the browser (select all the rendered HTML) and paste into a word document. Note is different, and works better than opening an HTML file into word. In this case you would need to browse, copy, paste to all the wiki pages you wanted, which might be a tedious task if you were printing more than about 30 different wiki pages. Also if you wanted to do the same for example to printout the latest pages every week, then it is also going to get very boring.
...then you would be wanting scripted solution as you seem to be implying. A script which finds all pages in a category, renders their HTML and appends them all together. ...or append the raw wiki markup files together, so that you can then view this as a new page to get the formatted HTML. Dont know if there's an easy place in the code to add such a feature. Might be easier to make a separate script (working with the same data files) -- HarryWood - 25th Jan 2005

Thanks for the ideas! I managed to hack DoBackLinks into printing full wiki pages instead of just the links. It works good enough with the category system. :) -- JohanPeitz

Q: How can I tell UseMod to ignore trailing backslashes?

I have some code that I'm trying to put in a wiki page. The code has backslashes at the end of a few of the lines, which the wiki interprets and joins the lines together. I've tried leading spaces for monospace, < pre> tags, double- and triple-backslashes, with no luck. Did I miss something? Thanks! Robert 30-Aug-2005

I found a workaround for this problem. It's not pretty, but it works. If you add any text (other than whitespace) after the trailing backslash, UseMod will leave it alone. For my problem, I used &nbsp; after the trailing backslash to add an html space in the output. So my code looks like it should, and UseMod is happy too. Robert

Q: Elegant line breaks for large chunks of text?

I'm using a local wiki to sort out a bunch of raw TXT files. A lot of these involve sets of data like "line one" break "line two" break "line three" paragraph break; the wiki properly handles the paragraph break, but the normal breaks are ignored. So far the solutions I've found involve throwing around BR tags like there's no tomorrow (which is a pain in the arse to implement and also marks up the raw text all to hell and back), and the PRE tags - which are a better solution, but then longer paragraphs run off the edge of the screen. Is there a way to make it word wrap longer paragraphs within PRE tags?

You could add this to $EarlyRules in the config file:
$text =~ s/\n/< br >\n/g;
(You need to remove the spaces around < br >) -- UngarPeter

Q: nokwiki or tt doesn't work on multiple lines?

I'm trying to include in a wiki page some code or xml text. nowiki seems only to work if start and endtag is on the same line or the lines are continued with backslash. Someone an idea what to do ? Dirk

OK, after using the source i found that $ParseParas? was set to 0. After setting it to 1 it works.

Q: Is there a way to change the layout of the html output for usemod? March 5 2006

I'm creating a wiki for strategic plan development, and want to have an easily accessible set of links down the side of the page rather than along the bottom. Is there a way to do this? Thanks.

SideMenu -- JuanmaMP

All of the div's that usemod outputs are marked with HTML class attributes. With Cascading Stylesheets, you have great control over the appearance of the page, see http://www.w3.org/Style/CSS/ for more on CSS. I have three wikis which all look radically different from vanilla usemod, just to give you an idea of what can be accomplished:

-- UngarPeter

I moved my usemod installation from one hosting provider to another by FTPing down to my machine, and then back up. Everything works fine now, except some sub-pages somehow didn't make it. If I can find copies of them in the kept directory, is there a way to restore them? Or am I misunderstanding where pages are stored. The missing ones don't seem to appear in the pages directory. -- TedErnst

Do you have disabled $UseSubpage?? Are all or only some subpages gone? Could you get the history of the subpages only found in the kept directory (you may try something like wiki.pl?action=history&id=Page/SubPage) -- MarkusLude

I copied the script and config files verbatim so no changes in options. And not all sub-pages are gone. Weird. Take a look at THIS history: http://www.humanistcenterofcultures.org/wiki/wiki.cgi?action=history&id=OmidyarConference/Participants - I couldn't wait to re-create the page, so I started from scratch. Totally weird. Others don't seem to have a history, even though they show on RecentChagnes?: http://www.humanistcenterofcultures.org/wiki/wiki.cgi?action=history&id=TedErnst/ThePast - not sure if that one is in kept or not, actually -- TedErnst

Really strange. The last version of the first page before th move should be under http://www.humanistcenterofcultures.org/wiki/wiki.cgi?action=browse&id=OmidyarConference/Participants&revision=50. There seems no kept version of TedErnst/ThePast?. The list of pages on RecentChanges is not read from the page directory, but from a seperate log file rc.log. Did you have a look at your backup archive? Went something wrong while doing the backup or maybe only while restoring? -- MarkusLude

Q: How does one make http://yourdomain.net/ display this page http://yourdomain.net/cgi-bib/index.cgi?FrontPage without showing the URL?

A: You need to use the URL rewriting capabilities of your web server. Assuming that you have apache with mod_rewrite installed, the solution would be adding the following to your config file (either .htaccess or the main config):

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^/(.*)$ /usr/lib/cgi-bin/index.cgi?$1 [PT]

Replace /usr/lib/cgi-bin with wherever your cgi-bin directory is. -- UngarPeter

Problem saving a raw usenet post to wiki

I've tried to paste the contents of http://groups.google.com/group/alt.fan.cecil-adams/msg/8d5efcf0ddbf6f65?dmode=source&hl=en&output=gplain into my wiki, but I keep getting a 403 message: "You don't have permission to access /cgi-bin/afca1 on this server." This happens even when I put pre tags around the text. I can edit the page and add other text, but the text at the URL above always makes it barf. I tried pasting the same text into a test page on this wiki and I don't get an error message, but the changes aren't saved, either. The usenet post is the only text I'm trying to save: it's a new page. I'm stumped. Any ideas?

Here you may run into a limit of new added urls as a kind of spam protection. Do you have some kind of access restriction to your wiki? Any entries in the error log of the web server? --MarkusLude

Oh, duh, I am out of practice at this. Checked the server log. mod_security was overzealous: It saw a sentence that had "create ______ from ______" and blocked it as a possible SQL injection attack. Thanks!

Problem with Links

I would desperately like to acquire a Mod that allows for more than two subpages to be used. I've seen the like on wiki.atitd.net using UseModWiki, and would truly like to find out whether this is a home-grown mod, or if its available on the web somewhere. Hiearchial subpages appeal to my anal-retentive nature and desire to organize things into trees. :) Help!


A: Usemod permit One-level page hierarchy, no more.
Cwick, a descendant of Usemod 0.92, permit multi-level page hierarchy (sub pages can have more sub pages, and so on).
You can try hack Usemod 1.0 with some code of Cwick for that intention.
By now, Cwick is not "visible" in internet. Some useful links:
Hope it helps --JuanmaMP

We'll give it a shot and see what happens! - Aodhan

Hopefully a simpler question..

I would like offsite links to *NOT* display with the [ ] after it.. For example, [wika] will show up as [wika] in the wiki text, is there any way to have it show up as just wika. With no brackets? I thank you all for helping a newbie with this!


How do I set up a search plugin for firefox 1.5 for internal wiki? I am close but no cigar with the following

<search name="SimWiki" method="GET" action="***wiki.pl">
<input name="search" user>
If I enter a query, nothing happens. I think I'm missing searchform= in the <search> but dont know what to put there. Thanks.

/E-mail notification

Q: Backlinks seems to be slightly broken for articles with spaces in the name. If I create e.g. "My Page" and click on the title (to see the pages linking to it), the search URL is for "My+Page", which comes up empty. Oddmuse also has the plus sign in the search URL, but it somehow still finds the linked pages. --Martin

[My Page]?

OK, I see your problem. I'll have a closer look later -- MarkusLude

Q: I'm having a very odd problem I'm creating a site with topics stored under different sections using the / tag. Everything was going fine till suddenly UseMod decided to stop rendering the markup at all you can see this at Here and Here. I'm at a loss as to what would cause this. Any help appreciated. Thanks

O.k. was failing to understand that there was only one level of subpaging. Mostly, because it seemed to be woring fine other places.. let me clean things up to one level of subpages....

That was it. If you are using subpages and UseMod suddenly decides to stop rendering markup, check your level of recursion. You're probably more then one level deep. Sorry for wasting peoples time with an obvious question.

Q: Having the same problem as above but with only one level of subpages... Any idea why? You can see an example of this non-rendering [here] and [here] Strangely [This page] which I created to demonstrate the problem does render.. Can I just not create pages starting with F? at a loss here

Tried createing pages with various names after the sucesss of the NotRendering page so far none work. Have taken a close look at the last pages I did before the problem started.. if there is a problem there I am missing it. If I can't get a handle on this I may have to migrate away from usemod which I'd rather not do as:

  1. It be a royal pain
  2. I really like usemod

I will of course check back here for an answer. But if more info is neede or the fix will be more involved please feel free to use the contact info on my wiki to reach me. Thanks in advance.

Q: Can someone explain to me - simply please - how I can get "full text" and/or "regular expression" searching on my company's wiki? Do I need a perl script to download? --HooYar66

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