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"The simplest cloud computing that could possibly work" -- JuanmaMP


1. Intro
2. Things done
2.1. Bugs & Patchs happily implemented
2.2. Bugs & Patchs happily rejected
2.3. Bugs & Patchs submitted
3. To-Do
4. Discussion

1. Intro


Hi wikizens:

I turned into just another wiki-enthusiast; my focus included lightweight Perl-based wikis -just for fun-.

As always, feel free to write me on the bottom.

Enjoy wikis and have a good day!.

-- Juanma, aka, <JuanmaMP> for credits:

If you reuse some of these patches, as far as I'm concerned, nice to be quoted me and ascendants (see ascendants in own patch subpages).

2. Things done


2.1. Bugs & Patchs happily implemented

Bugs Patchs

2.2. Bugs & Patchs happily rejected


2.3. Bugs & Patchs submitted

Bugs Patchs

3. To-Do


Reviewing in other way my own patches that affect the layout (test, embed), the old versions (indices, maintain), the REDIRECT versions, user rol, etc, therefore, use at your own risk.

4. Discussion


Hello, thanks for cleaning up from the spammer last friday (Aug 20) --MarkusLude

I can send u the patched code if u want? :) My code is currently ScrumWiki?+Cwiki+UseMod+CSS+TextTemplate? for the nice view -- [Domingo]

Hello, if you mark spam pages as deleted, feel free to remove the spam links... -- MarkusLude

Once again thanks for removing wiki spam. Lots of the spam during the last weeks is marked as minor edit and thus normally not shown on RecentChanges until you add a parameter or change your preferences. -- MarkusLude

test for juanma

Hello Juanma, if you want to delete pages place DeletedPage in the first line and nothing else. Otherwise the page won't be deleted. If you want to add any reasons, use the next line. Thanks. -- MarkusLude

Hello Juanma, do you currently have a running wiki based on UseMod? Do you use CSS there and miss some classes or notice oddities? -- MarkusLude

Hello, thanks for the clean up today. -- MarkusLude

Hello Juanma, once more a big THANK YOU for cleaning up pages during last weeks. I hope I have some code ready next week to hopefully get rid of this sort of posts. -- MarkusLude

Sorry if I erroneously deleted the WillDuquette page. But shouldn't the link on that page be on this page rather than on an off-topic separate page? 2009-05-17 -- GunnarH

Maybe that page is an username page.
Thanks for your effort to keep alive Usemod. I would like to take a look at your CVS, is a cause for rejoicing. 2009-05-17 -- Juanmamp?

I use a Linux VPS where [CVS] is available, and as you can see via the [WWW interface], I'm using it for a few programs. Not sure what it is you would like to know, but please feel free to send me an email. There is a link to a contact form on my user page. 2009-05-17 -- GunnarH

Hello Juanma, thanks for noticing the truncation of RecentVisitors. Good catch! Sadly the oldest entries seems from around 2003. I'll dig in my backups. -- MarkusLude

archive.org has RecentVisitors from 2001-06-27. Thanks for your effort in the backups. Then we could fill from 2003 backwards. 2009-05-25 --JuanmaMP
The version from archive.org looks pretty useless. The wiki page is not that big. It should not have problems with editing. Hmm. -- MarkusLude

Hello Juanma, you are right. There are quite a lot of differences between the latest usemod version and the one running the wiki here. I'm testing some anti-spam measures and there may be some other small changes. Sorry if this is a bit confusing sometimes. -- MarkusLude

Hello Juanma, I don't remember you from when I last visited this site. I cannot edit over at MeatballWiki, it says "Your submission tripped our defenses" or something like that, and when I enter the secret code, it brings me to the same page. What's going on? -- JonasDaltonRand?

Hi, Jonas, I am in Southern Spain. I suggest, for instance, that you can write here what kind of text you are trying to upload and then I will try to write on MeatBall and make tests, at your choice. HIH -- JuanmaMP

I would like this to be my page: "I joined MeatBall 2 years ago, and was somewhat active after that. I took a long break, and now I'm back here. I am a teenager located in Southern Nevada, in the United States. -- JonasDaltonRand?, October 2009". -- JonasDaltonRand?

Jonas, I can. (You can see MeatBall:action=browse&id=JonasDaltonRand&revision=47206). This text doesn't seem the guilty so far. Did you try from other IP? I would like to be help. Otherwise, SunirShah, as you can know I guess, is a lider on MeatBall, and MarkusLude is responsible for "quartermaster" at UseMod and you can always question me, too -- JuanmaMP

JuanmaMP, I tried to insert the same text that you did and it still gave me that "Submission tripped our defenses" text. I'm not even sure what triggers that. I think I'll just leave it alone, now. Could you put the text in my page again? Thanks, -- JonasDaltonRand?

Never mind, it was just that I was adding my text to the "discussion" section instead of clicking "Edit text of page". When I was here before, I did not have that discussion box. Sorry! -- MeatBall:JonasDaltonRand

Hi Juanma,

I noticed you're one of few who still checks out UseMod and posts cool little snippets and updates. I'm not sure how well versed you are with SlashLinks or the possibility of integrating flatlinks with UseMod, but I've been attempting (without much success) to do so on my own UseMod wiki for the last 4 or 5 hours. I'm able to make links like /wiki/HomePage? work, but when editing, the Preview and Save buttons don't work. Can you give me any advice? Thanks! -- JamesW

Hi James, do you also make use of some sort of URL rewriting or did you just set SlashLinks? -- MarkusLude

Hi Markus! Yes, I used mod_rewrite in the .htaccess file in my wiki directory. I know SlashLinks alone won't make it work. I got to the point where I was able to replace %20 to _ in URLs as well as flat-linking the whole wiki. Unfortunately, when editing, pressing the Preview button or the Save button didn't have the desired effect of either button. It simply redirected the page to the Home page. Code below, although I can't remember if that's exactly what I ended up with. I gave up around 4am and deleted everything, except what I had in my text files! -- JamesW

Hi James, SlashLinks and WikiPatches/URLRewrite are not very favourite tweaks for me, but if someday I see them, then I will add them on this thread.
Thanks for question! -- JuanmaMP

Hello Juanma,

many many thanks for still keeping the place clean. -- MarkusLude

Hello Markus,

you're welcome!. -- JuanmaMP

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /wiki/

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-l

# Replace spaces with hyphens
RewriteRule ^([^\ ]*)\ (.*)$ $1_$2 [E=rspace:yes,N]

# Redirect to update URL in search engine listings and browsers
RewriteCond %{ENV:rspace} yes

RewriteRule (.*) http://%{HTTP_HOST}/wiki/$1 [R=301]
RewriteRule ^([^/a-z].*) wiki.pl?$1  [QSA,L]

Hello Markus, thanks for the notice and updating!. --Juanma

Of course, none of the above code is -mine-, just a lot of searching and adding/messing with it. Got most of the above from WikiPatches/URLRewrite, so big thanks to AndrewFyfe?.

Hello Juanma, I see that you are a major editor at this site

I have recently set up a usemod wiki/discussion site .. I'm having trouble with extra chars from mobile browsers

Do you have any ideas about this? Is it something to do with unicode? --Thanks [Isa]


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