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Be aware, I always post from German IPs, not this fake "MarkusLude" from *.dsl.pol.co.uk

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some notes:

Future of UseModWiki

Maybe this is not the best place to ask, but since you let us know in UseModWiki/UseModFAQ that you took over the project a couple of years ago, here I am.

It was back in 2007. Back then a huge amount of patches, bug reports and suggestions accumulated since the last release before (1.0 in 2003).

Sounds like a somewhat thankless undertaking. ;-) --GunnarH

In the FAQ you encourage people to post suggestions to improve the script. When I review this site today, I can't help feeling that the development of the script has come to a standstill. What's the likelihood that anybody ever will evaluate all the bug reports and feature suggestions that people have posted, and implement some of them in the script? What are your thoughts on the future of UseModWiki?
2009-04-10 --GunnarH

Hello Gunnar, sorry for the very late reply. Sadly I didn't had time to work on the script for quite a long time. During the last few days I looked through my last changes which didn't made it into a release yet. While doing the patch releases I mostly worked on html / css cleanup and changes to make the script work with perl -wT. Additionally I had included some of the open patches. I'll hope I've some time during next week to review your suggestions and answer your questions. Unfortunately the new server has still some problems, but at least the wiki seems to run better on it than on the old one. -- MarkusLude

Thanks for the update, and great to know that UseModWiki lives on. A taint safe script would be a good thing, but that's not the case yet, is it? I would of course appreciate if you addressed my suggestions and questions, but please note that it was not my intention to suggest that they are more important than anything else.
My own copy of wiki.pl is on a [CVS repository]. If you like, I could host the original software there, which would make it possible to allow for more people to help with the coding directly. Let me know if you are interested.
2009-05-14 --GunnarH


Thanks for keeping the place so nice and tidy Marcus. Nice work. :)

2005-12-21 --JohnMGabriele

Spam clearance on Ruby greatly appreciated, Markus. Thanks !!

Hi, thanks a lot for all the help with the spam. Maybe my BannedContentBot can help you out more -- if there is spam that the BannedContentBot is missing, you can suggest it be added to the list at


and then, after it is added, the bot will block that spam.

-- BayleShanks

ThankYou? for keeping this wiki clean and tidy. -- UngarPeter

Congratulations! Markus, about charge of UseMod.

"I don't want to let the usemod engine die", I agree with that.

Hello Markus, indeed thanks for your efforts for keeping usemod alive. -- JuanmaMP

Thanks for reverting -- JuanmaMP

"me too" is not my style, but I just have to add my Vielen Dank to the list! -- KarstenSievert

Nice to read your own news. 2008-05-17 --JuanmaMP

Hi Markus, sorry for the inconvenience: the download ver.1.0.4.tar.gz has not

 if (&GetParam('embed', $EmbedWiki)) {
    return $q->end_html;
for GetCommonFooter, but instead works fine here on www.usemod.org, am i missing something?

Thanks in advance and have a good holiday! (2009-07-17) --JuanmaMP

On line:

    print '<div class=wikirc>';
    print "<hr class=wikilinerc>\n";
but in local with pristine UseMod 1.0.4
    print "<hr class=wikilinerc>\n";
    print '<div class=wikirc>';
Thanks in advance.(2009-07-23) --JuanmaMP

Thanks, for the efforts regarding release 1.0.5. I've updated [Wikipedia UseModWiki_versions]. --JuanmaMP

-- Hello Markus, :) Is it possible to change when cookie expires?. I would like sign in again. Thanks. --JuanmaMP

 Invalid UserID 111, preferences not saved.
 (Preferences require cookies, but no cookie was sent.)

Hi Juanma, cookies should now work again. --MarkusLude

It works fine. Big thanks. --JuanmaMP
Great. I'm happy for updates/upgrades. Big thanks. Updated at WikiPedia:UseModWiki. --JuanmaMP

Thanks. The script at usemod.org used (and still uses) some additional patches. Now fewer. -- MarkusLude

Hi, Markus. This may seem a little strange but I remember being in high school and being immature, thinking it was funny to troll this Wiki and make silly changes. This was WAY back in 2002 or 2003. I just remembered this site so I came here to check it out again and I noticed at the top of your page, you mention an imposter coming from pol.co.uk I believe that was me. I would like to sincerely apologise. I know it's a bit late (there's an understatement) but as we say here in the UK, better late than never. I was just a dumb kid at the time but I feel bad about messing with you and with this Wiki so I hope you forgive me. Take care.-- JonThompson

Sorry to leave you another message, Markus, but I just noticed something interesting. When I go to my old page here on UseMod, it appears the last edit was from you. Coincidence or maybe not? lol -- JonThompson

I found a bug

Hello Markus, I indentified that default days to display at RecentChanges can be -0 (minus zero), which should not be handled as a valid number.

How to find this bug:

1. Go to the preferences

2. Enter -0 in the Default-days-to-display-box

3. Save your preferences

4. Go to RecentChanges

and then, you found the bug I mean.

So, can you please make a new bugfix release. Thanks very much. -- LeonelSohns

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