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This is the name given to the UseModDescendant for the EmacsWiki. It is one of the PatchedScripts developed from UseMod 0.92. The patches have begun to be so extensive that I decided to fork.

Free documentation (according to the GFDL) exists on the Oddmuse wiki.

The documentation does not cover the code as the UseModWiki site does; it just covers the user and the maintainer perspective.

The script is hosted on Savannah, so access to CVS is available. This may be interesting for people wanting to port some of the ideas back into UseMod.

Oddmuse currently has the following patches installed (sometimes with modifications). The script is under 4000 lines of Perl to maintain my MeatBall:FeatureKarma, but lots of modules are available.

Features removed:

What CliffordAdams said about Oddmuse when I asked him:

The main decisions I disagree with are those which make the script less friendly for some users in order to save a few lines of code. Using only UTC 24-hour time is almost as annoying for USA users as "EST/EDT" 12-hour time is for European users. SubPages are also useful for several users, although I understand they are a pain to maintain. Removing renaming and immediate deletion is another example. Finally, some of my core design decisions were that ordinary page loads will only open one wiki page, while Oddmuse may read and write several files when serving a page. All of these changes can be justified (I wouldn't implement SubPages in a new wiki project), but they do make OddMuse quite different from its parent. This diversity is a good thing in my view. I want people to try lots of wikis and then select the best one for their needs (even if it isn't mine). --CliffordAdams

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