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If you want to email me, please use [my contact form].

I'm a Perl hobbyist who discovered UseModWiki just a few days ago. Thanks for a really nice piece of software!

Hello Gunnar, welcome and thanks for the bug reports. -- MarkusLude

You're welcome. I have made a correction to the patch at WikiBugs/NumericDatesNeedZeroPadding. --GunnarH

I added it for 1.0.5. Thanks! -- MarkusLude

Hello Gunnar, thanks for reverting the spam pages! -- MarkusLude

Hello, Yahoo! Right now I'm editing using your open proxie, i.e. it appears as if I am browsing the web from your server, while I'm actually accessing the Internet from IP Got it? The Yahoo host name appears at RecentChanges, which is one of the most visited pages at this site.
Please stop helping the Internet criminals and other abusers by providing an open proxy!!! --GunnarH

Hi Gunnar, I meant about the changes in UseMod on http://gunnar.cc/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/misc/wiki.pl?cvsroot=gunnar, I'll try to read your code changes. UseMod is also among my "hobbies". Thanks for your reply. 2009-05-17 --Juanmamp?

I see. Please note that most of the changes I have made in my own wiki.pl copy can be found as suggestions and comments on various pages at the UseModWiki site, sometimes better explained than in the CVS. You find links to those pages at the top of this page. 2009-05-17 --GunnarH

Thank you for cleaning up pages during last days. 2009-05-23 --JuanmaMP

Thank you! The spammer hid behind open proxies, and I really think that something like WikiPatches/OpenProxy should be enabled on the site as soon as possible. On my own site, I'm using a [similar program] to prevent bogus form submissions, which makes use of [Nmap] to speed up the process. 2009-05-24 --GunnarH

I hope to test the ProxyTest, anything that is a help for a wiki as UseMod is an interesting contribution; thanks.

As a complementary way, I wonder if here could be implemented a CAPTCHA too (it works fine on OddMuse, for instance). That extended the script (cons) but will automate the maintenance (pro). I'm not sure ... . 2009-05-24 --JuanmaMP

I have never installed a CAPTCHA, since I personally don't like the method, but I'm sure it would help to keep the bots out. And, in this case, anything that helps against wiki spam is good. And it is urgent IMO. 2009-05-24 --GunnarH

Big thanks for the cleanup during last days! -- MarkusLude

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