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UseModWiki is slightly evil, since it uses tons of global variables which change value while the script runs (the "other variables" below)

Meta-config variables

  $DataDir $UseConfig

Configuration variables

  $ScriptTZ $KeepDays? $RedirType $MaxPost? $SendMail $HttpCharset
  $AdminPass? $EditPass 

Site config
  $CookieName? $SiteName? $EmailFrom? $RCName? $HomePage $NotFoundPg?
  $SiteBase $StyleSheet $FullUrl $LogoUrl @RcDays? $RcDefault?
  $UserGotoBar $FooterNote $EditNote? $NewText $FavIcon

Major options (can be 0 or 1)
  $InterFile? $RcFile? $RcOldFile? $IndexFile? $IndentLimit? $EditAllowed? 
  $UseDiff $UseSubpage? $UseCache $RawHtml $HtmlTags $EmailNotify
  $EmbedWiki $FreeLinks $WikiLinks $AdminDelete? $RunCGI

Minor options (can be 0 or 1)
  $LogoLeft? $RecentTop $UseDiffLog? $KeepMajor? $KeepAuthor? $ShowEdits? 
  $ThinLine $HtmlLinks? $SimpleLinks $NonEnglish? $BracketText $UseAmPm
  $UseIndex? $UseHeadings $NetworkFile $BracketWiki $UseLookup $FreeUpper
  $FastGlob? $XSearchDisp?

Allowed Html tags
  @HtmlPairs @HtmlSingle?

Directory names
  $TempDir? $LockDir? $DataDir $HtmlDir? $UserDir $KeepDir? $PageDir

Patterns are set by InitLinkPatterns
  $FS? $FS1? $FS2? $FS3? $LinkPattern $FreeLinkPattern? $InterLinkPattern? 
  $InterSitePattern? $UrlProtocols? $UrlPattern? $ImageExtensions 
  $RFCPattern $ISBNPattern


Other variables

  %Page %Section %Text %InterSite %SaveUrl %SaveNumUrl?
  %KeptRevisions %UserCookie %SetCookie %UserData %IndexHash? %Translate
  %LinkIndex? $InterSiteInit? $SaveUrlIndex? $SaveNumUrlIndex? $MainPage
  $OpenPageName @KeptList @IndexList? $IndexInit?
  $q? $Now $UserID $TimeZoneOffset $ScriptName $BrowseCode $OtherCode

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