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UseModWikiDocumentation: GlobalVariables: UserData

Stores user preferences

 id         # UserID: also in UserCookie, set by GetNewUserId?
 randkey    # also in UserCookie
 rev        # also in UserCookie

Changeable by user (preferences):

 notify       # Include email in site email list
 adminpw      # Administrator Password
 linkrandom   # Add "Random Page" link to link bar: default=0
 toplinkbar   # Show link bar on top: default=0
 rcdays       # Default days to display: min=0, max=999999
 rcnewtop     # Most recent changes on top
 rcall        # Show all changes (not just most recent): default=0
 rcchangehist # Use "changes" as link to history 
 editwide     # Use 100% wide edit area (if supported)
 diffrclink   # Show (diff) links on RecentChanges
 alldiff      # Show differences on all pages
 defaultdiff  # Default diff type: 1=Major 2=Minor 3=Author
 rcshowedit   # Minor edit display: 0=Hide minor edits 1=Show minor edits 2=Show only minor edits
 tzoffset     # Time Zone offset (hours): default=0, min=-999, max=999
 editrows     # Edit area rows: default=20, min=1, max=999
 editcols     # Edit area cols: default=65, min=1, max=999

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