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UseModWiki is an implementation of the original Wiki concept created by WardCunningham. A "wiki" is a website that is collaboratively edited by its users, including the ability to change text written by other users (see WhatIsaWiki). This site exists to test UseModWiki and to attract suggestions for future improvements. See SiteList for a large list of other sites using UseModWiki--a good example site is the [Meatball wiki] which discusses online communities.

The current release of UseModWiki is available from the /Download page.

In september 2023 the domain usemod.com expired and the wiki was moved to www.usemod.org.

Some useful starting points include:

What you can do with UseModWiki:

How to set up your own wiki:



About this software:

Any comments and suggestions are welcome! --CliffordAdams

In July 2007 I took over the project from Cliff. The contact address is mailto:usemod@usemod.org --MarkusLude

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