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UseModWiki contains many features:

[Note: The following list is rather old, and does not include many new features of the 1.0 release (for % latest new features see UseModWiki/NewFeatures)]

User visible:

Setup and other features:

Questions and Comments

I would like to add: (HelmutLeitner)

I would like to add: (Bill Tribley)
 my $result=foo({'bias' => 345, 

 sub foo($){
   my $pr=shift;
   my $bias=$$pr{bias};
   my $inputArrayRef?=$$pr{inputs};
   my $otherHashRef?=$$pr{other};

You get the idea. Learned this from a consultant at our company, has revolutionized my perl writing, allowed perl to be useful for really large projects where you have to name parameters and keep things straight.

You don't even need a hashref, actually, and you don't have to quote the args before the hash. It does mean you need a temporary variable to hold @_ however, but it's just a shallow copy, not much overhead.

 sub foo (@);

 my $result = foo bias => 345, offset => 23,
                  tester => 'Ralph',
                  inputs => [2,4,6,8],
                  other => { heading => 'Top', footer => 'Bottom'};
 sub foo (@) {
   my %args = @_;
   # slicing the arg hash.  There's really no need to do this though.
   my ($bias, $inputArrayRef?, $otherHashRef?) = @args{qw[bias inputs other]};

It almost makes perl look tidy... --ChuckAdams

I moved the above two sections into this 'Questions & Comments' section, but if they are making valid points, then these points could moved into the feature lists at the top. However I reckon the lists should be kept highly readable and concise. It should almost be like marketing information, listing those features which set usemod apart from other wikis. -- HarryWood 17th Jan 2005

I would like to see RSS feeds. I suspect more people would find that more useful than email notices, and it seems easier to implement. -- DavidPhillips?

[wiki.pl?action=rss] gives an RSS feed of RecentChanges. Also see Actions.

Is it possible to list all pages in UseMod wiki? If yes, how?

[wiki.pl?action=index] presents a list of all pages of the wiki. Also see Actions.
or, just place your cursor in the search window and hit "return" -- EleanorRamsay?

"The editing lock can be force-cleared by a remote user" how is this done? I had this problem and had to fix at at the server, where is the documentation for this, or is it just supposed to happen automatically? Thx'' -- EleanorRamsay?

Any user can go to wiki.pl?action=unlock to flush the editing lock. -- HarryWood 17th Jan 2005

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