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This page will eventually contain text about why I started this wiki project. That is, if I ever figure it out myself. :-)

The simplest reason is that it is much easier for me to code new features than to convince other wiki authors they are needed. --CliffordAdams

I don't know /WhyAnotherWiki, but this is probably the only Wiki:WikiClone I've seen that I actually like. Kudos, Clifford. --MattBehrens?

Hear! --KlausAlexanderSeistrup

11/15/00 I like the fact that the script is a single file. DaveBaker

I agree wholeheartedly with DaveBaker. --JayLarson

I installed and started configuring TWiki, but soon realized it had by far more features, and complexity, than I needed. I came back and took another look at UseModWiki, decided to try it, and had it basically up running in under half an hour. And its feature set is just right. I love it! -- DanMuller

Half an hour? Dude! I installed it within 30 seconds I believe. That's including the download time. ;-) -- LaurensPit (What can I say? I was totally clueless about setting up and running a Web server at the time. :) -- DanMuller)

A lot depends on the environment you try to install in... And the level of experience you bring to the table... Keep in mind... There are people who would like to get access to a wiki who aren't developers and who don't know perl. I also tried Twiki and invested days working on things that eventually became unresolvable. Within a very short while... way back in September 2001, I had UseMod up and running. 5 wiki's later, I'm still coming back to it. It's great! -- MatthewSimpson

I can tell the same story as Dan. More than that, I feel confident I can add the features I will need if Clifford don't want to write them. --OprgaG

I agree with OprgaG, the Perl is very maintainable. -- NickShaffner

Incredible. One script. One data directory. It's working.

By far the best wiki--and it runs on WinDoze? IIS. Thanks for the good work (tv)

"By far the best wiki..." Please, do not make statements like this. They are non-sense, they confuse newbies and it only shows ignorance. --DavidCollantes

Good work! Thanks. --OliverKamps

Installed in minutes on a Windows 2000 IIS server. Very useful feature set. We were even able to get Diff and Sendmail for Windows working with it. My favorite among the various wiki clones. Keep up the excellent work. My only complaint, and it is minor compared to my praise, is the lack of documentation and commenting in the code. However, we were able to figure pretty much everything out eventually. -- Ed Gray 7-12-01

It runs nicely using ActivePerl on Windows 98 and on a Windows NT4

Server - a good piece of craftsmanship! --Holger Steinmann

Got it up and running in about 10 minutes on Windows XP with ActivePerl and TinyWeb as server! Keep up the good work. -- MichaelKollak

We looked at eight (eight!) Wikis including the utterly confusing and IMO actually rather bad TWiki, and this one came out top. The only issue we have with it is that it's hard to customise the look and feel, but hey, that's just cosmetic. It's now going to be used on about 15 mini intranets for a client of ours. Rock on! -- Jonathan Bates, August 2001

See WikiPatches/CSSskins for custom headers & CSS stylesheets. I've completely customized the look of my UseModWiki. -- Tarquin

Simliar situation to Ed Gray. I'm not exactly the most sophisticated Perl user, but I was able to install, configure and tweak the script within a couple hours on a machine running Apache for Windows, ActivePerl, sendmail, and diff. Outstanding! - CAL, Oct. 1, 2001 P.S. Go Rhinos!

Similar to Jonathan Bates I did a rather extensive search for good wiki software and I like UseMod the best. It's easy, small, configurable. TWiki is utterly overloaded and all the PHP, Zope etc. style wikis depend on additional software. The only thing I like about TWiki are the powerful search facilities - I am planning to implement them into UseMod. Here the only thing I think could be better solved would be having a clear plug-in interface (UseModWikiPlugins) to not have to fiddle around in the code a lot. But that's a minor thing. I've installed it as organizational tool on our intranet and it works great :-) --DavidAndel, March 2002

The first multi-site collaboration tool which actually works. I am wondering how quick one can introduce emotions. ;) Works great. Thanks! NikhilKelkar, Aug 2002

I have to echo what's been said so far. I looked at several for implementation, including TWiki and Chiq_Chaq, but this was by far the simplest to install and configure - especially since I run on a mainframe under IBMs S390, which is a non-ASCII environment. Usemod also has the advantage of working well with Nutscape (which is my client's browser of choice - yuk!). I also like the fact that by simply renaming the file, I can run as many wikis as I want. Great Stuff! DonLoveday

This wiki is sooooo easy to install, its only one Perl File and one directory!!! i think my install time was like 2 minutes. Apache 1.3 Win32, ActiveState? Perl 5.6.1.. I saw another Wiki in Python which had tons of features.. but actually detracted from the simpleness of a wiki, thus made it less effective (IMHO)... love it,, glad you wrote it.. ---rob

For this was my first cgi-script ever I installed, it took some minutes to figure everything out and I didn't know I had to chmod 777 the database directory. But within less than 30 minutes I had it up and running. After another hour or so to work myself into stylesheets and find some colors I like, everything was working. Really sweeet ! --- Markus Walther

Why you need to chmod 777? the directory only need to be rwx to the webserver process
chmod'ing the directory to 777 would be the only way to make the directory rwx for the webserver process if he doesn't have root (i.e., can't chown) and the webserver doesn't use suEXEC.
777 is AlwaysWrong. Any environment that doesn't have another answer is Severely Broken. If both user and daemon need to writ to a dir, they should belong to a common group and that group should own the dir. This can be a bit messy. Alternative is suexec or not having users own data dirs. Of course the owner user and owner group can be different and then 0775 (or 0770) will be an acceptable and working permission mask.
Another alternative is chmod 1777. Using a group or ACL is much wiser, but 1777 is at least reasonably safe.

I tried phpwiki but failed to get it to install after 3 hours of fiddling. LinuxUser? had a demo, and 3 minutes later I had a working system... excellent This is what programming used to be link..cleaning...simple and above all IT WORKS!!! --- wayne

Ditto to the previous comments. I'll just add this: If you like Bosxom (http://www.blosxom.com/) for blogging, you'll like UseModWiki for wikiing. --- mjf

Easy to install, easy to use. Thanx for that script! --AlexOswald

Transfering the content to a new machine is VeryVeryFast? (Simple cp -- no DB tricks)

UseMod on Win32: works out of the box. Twiki on Win32: a new definition of hell. After following all these instructions, it often STILL doesn't work. http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/TWiki.WindowsInstallCookbook

UseMod: She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid.

UseMod on Win32: I'm still looking for the best Wiki for myself for the Windows XP environment. So far UseMod and Oddmuse are of my favourites. I didn't check Oddmuse close enough but it's feature set seems to be more cool to me. (I checked Chiki, OpenWiki, PWP 1.4.2) If you want to use only a Windows application you can also try WikiWriter?, Notebook v2.0.3 (Tcl-Script) or WikidPad? 1.0.5 (has also HTML export feature!). WikiWriter? and WikidPad? are not free. Finally I would like to write which features I'm searching in a cool wiki:

To my knowledge the last two points are not supported by UseMod. --TonyArmani

The last one is supported in version 1.0 if $UseUpload?=1 -- Roar Hylleberg

Seriously, this is just a very nice piece of perl! I installed UseMod and played around a bit. Very soon, I had these "what about me trying this... and that" experiences, and I found UseMod to be very easily changed via CSS or even inside the script (though absolutely minor cosmetic changes). Great stuff! Keep up the good work! -- Udo Guengerich

The main reason that I like UseMod is its single Perl script approach. UseMod has demonstrated (quite remarkedly) that a relational database (e.g., MySQL) isn't always needed--something that I just generally "did by habit" for even simple apps. Also, with Perl over CGI I can wrap other things around it, such .htaccess files and other web-layer controls (I've used both mod_rewrite and mod_ldap on my Intranet Wiki). Also, it is trivial (under 1 minute) to add multiple "personal" wiki's for specific, ad hoc purposes (and all of this on a low-cost web host without SSH, etc.). Keep up the great work, Clifford. Wayne Smith

This wiki seems to be simple to use and install. At this moment, I'm just testing the editing features, and I love the simplicity. Dan Cabirac

I really wish it had the ability to edit sections of text. That was why I wanted a wiki--multiple section editing. I did like the simple install and setup though, very nice.

Actually, what you would really need is a way of putting the sections / web pages of Wiki back together for printing. Like a "Printview" option for the whole "UseModWiki" section. -- January Weiner

I like this product too - but can someone tell me why, when I ask to edit a page, there is no CANCEL button for me if I change my mind? Nick Newman

Well, because you don't need it :-) You can always leave the page, for example by clicking the "back" button of your browser :-) -- January Weiner

Fair enough. I think it might be nicer if it was part of the application rather than a part of the browser, but if it really upsets me I suppose I can add the button myself! It's a great product in any case. Thanks! -- Nick Newman

Wow, finally a wiki that is really lightweight while retaining the most useful functionality (in my case - minimum css support, uploads and editor password for a private wiki). On a P-166 "server" with 64MB of RAM (almost totally filled up) TWiki, MoinMoin or anything based on php simply kills the machine or takes 15 seconds to generate a page. UseMod works perfectly (as expected :)

Thanks for convincing me, bbl.

"Compare" versions, or alternatively do "diff" between versions, could show differences in granular mode at this webserver for UseMod?. Does it regard to the use of "diff" on *nix?. Thanks. --JuanmaMP

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