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Why is this wiki software called usemod?
It stands for the "USEnet MODeration project".

What is the Usenet Moderation Project?
The goal of the UMP was to allow users to share rating, editing, and eventually summary/change information about Usenet postings. The project was briefly revived in 1999, but shelved again after finding Wiki.

What does Usenet have to do with Wiki?
Not much. The final goal of the UMP was to allow a wiki-like environment where postings could be altered, summarized, or otherwise edited. "Usemod" does have the advantage of being short and pronounceable with an obvious wiki-page-name. It will be hard to confuse with WardCunningham's work. I registered it just in case I might want to revive the Usenet side. (Besides, wiki.com and wikis.com were taken already.)

Why use a .com?
Because I didn't want to fall victim to the slashdot.com problem (another company registering a .com when you own the .org).
Interestingly enough, slashdot.com seems to have been regained by the .org owners.


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