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Discussion about the homepage (UseModWiki) should go here. The reason the homepage (and RecentChanges) are protected is because they are the most frequent targets of vandals, and many people have external links pointing directly to those pages. -- CliffordAdams

See StarterPages for some discussion about a set of "starter pages" for UseModWiki.
The homepage of UseModWiki looks well organized just like all those wiki homepages. Everything is well written and easy to understand. The links are good too.

Hi , i try to traduce the web site in french i begin in UseModWiki fr someone can just indicate that a french version is possible or in construction in the main page. And if is possible check if i make some mistake or if the way i do its wrong, that would be nice.

(db) Traduce. No such word in English. Lettuce, yes. :-) Try: translate.

How would such a hint read in french? Would it be perhaps be easier if you use /UseModWikiFrancais?(e?) instead of UseModWiki fr? -- MarkusLude

(db) Please put the [Developer Questions 2007]? link under UseModWiki/DeveloperQuestions on the UseModWiki page.


Why this extra page?

The Developer Questions page has gotten too big and we can't post on it because of the anti-spam software.

Perhaps a better solution would be this: instead of adding a [Developer Questions 2007]? page, you could simply take out the / in front of DevelopersQuestions? on the UsemodWiki? page and we could create a sub page for each question like it was done for WikiSuggestions.

This way the DevelopersQuestions? page would be accessible (despite the anti-spam software) and it won't be a PageTooBigToEdit?.

But since this is a change of format, Cliff would have to OK it first.

Style Sheet Examples

(DavidB) StyleSheetExamples is to be put at Development under WikiPatches

More proposals for organizing:

Some useful starting points include:

What you can do with UseModWiki:


Hope (something) helps. 2009-05-26 --JuanmaMP

Why does this web site NOT support HTTPS? Are there any technical reasons? Nowadays, there is the LetsEncrypt?. --AkiGoto?

Supporting https is a function of your webserver, not the usemod wiki perl script. I have a usemod wiki web site running on top of an https enabled webserver using LetsEncrypt? credentials.

Yes, there were technical reasons on the old machine. The software there is just too old. --MarkusLude

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