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I am currently interested in Perl even though I am not really a programmer. I know Fortran though and I claim I can learn any language in 2 days. This belief has been put to serious test when I started reading a C book (Pointers on C) and then I put my project of learning C on hold. Perl is easier though (well, it's easier to start, but then this idea that assignments depend on contexts gives me the creeps - a beginner should rather get error messages).

And now my own personal diary in reverse cronological order

7/8/2002 I sort of gave up Perl and now I'm doing Postnuke (http://www.postnuke.com) plugins coding and bug fixing in PHP.

1/9/2002 Nothing much new I am overwhelmed about things to do for my real job. Not much perl programming in the next few weeks.

12/22 I have looked into how diff is done and played with diff -u which gives a much more understandable output. I think I can do it but I'd have to dig around a lot more. Plus I found out that I have to present a paper at a conference I was just planning to attend, so more real work for me and no playing with perl. Oh well. Ah I also got an email from CliffordAdams. Kool. Seems like he liked my WikiPatches/GetReferersBar.

yes, I like the way Cliff takes the effort to respond to work that is posted on this site. This was one of the two main reasons I chose UseModWiki rather than one of the other WikiClones. -RiVer

12/10 I am almost ready to pick up another project, but I have 2 ideas. One is to implement a RequestedPages? feature. Shouldn't take too long. The other is to have diffs between versions. That is a harder task as it is still obscure to me how and where diffs are computed (I'm not even sure where versions are stored).

12/9 I have read man perlreftut and I am glad perl can have arrays or arrays arrays of hashes, etc...etc... Thanks RiVer for the tip. I'll get to my WikiPatches/GetReferersBar and simplify the code asap. I glanced man perlref which is not so bad after reading perlreftut.

12/9 I have found the following line on my webserver's log: - - [08/Dec?/2001:21:07:27 -0600] "GET /default.ida?NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN%u9090%u6858%ucbd3%u7801%u9090%u6858%ucbd3%u7801%u9090%u6858%ucbd3%u7801%u9090%u9090%u8190%u00c3%u0003%u8b00%u531b%u53ff%u0078%u0000%u00=a  HTTP/1.0" 400 328

that's really weird, it doesn't seem to point to anything. Any clue?

Yup. Not good news, though: http://www.apacheweek.com/features/codered --RobertBrook
Luckily, I am running Apache. I'm thinking... why did the codered Hackers put such a recognizable request; you'd think that a less strange string would have attracted fewer suspicions. --ElMoro

12/7 I must say I like perl but a few things annoy me big time.

you need to pass in the reference to the hash, and then deref inside the sub - best place to start reading is man perlreftut followed (if you feel brave) by man perlref --RiVer (and by the way the idea is the same as passing in the pointer to a struct in C, so the ideas will be useful to your C when you resume it, just the ideas - the actual syntax is very different)
maybe $string1 eq $string2 is more like what yu meant?''
you got it man, I didn't want to reveal it because I'm evil :-)

12/6 Evening first beta version is out. Looks good. WikiPatches/GetReferersBar . Test it at http://spooky.econ.umn.edu/cgi-bin/testwiki.pl

12/6 Hey the project is basically done. I need to fix a few glitches and it's ready for testing. Unbelievable. Sometimes I surprise myself.

12/4 Today I figured out how to get the referer and display a link to the referer on the GotoBar. Pretty trivial stuff, except that I had to actually understand a bit about the UseModWiki code before actually getting anything useful.

hi ElMoro, got your note - will have a proper look when I get time (my time for my own wiki mods is getting squeezed at present). Nothing major jumps out in a five minute whizz through, except that there now clearly exist parts of Clifford's code which you know better than I do :) and don't think of me as a Perl expert, I only started Perling a few weeks before you did. best regards, RiVer ps, how did Andrea become "El" - just curious, River
"El" means "The" in venetian dialect. Sometimes my friends call me that way.
Obvious really. Just so long as they don't confuse it with Cyrillic script, where an M is pronounced as a T <wink> --R

Actually, in Cyrillic the little m-sign itself is a "T". M is M and small M is still pronounced M. Just the glyphs are different. -- UrbanSheep

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