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I am the editor of [UnuMondo Esperanto Wiki], [Northern Vibes Wiki], [All My FAQs wiki], as well as a couple of intranet wikis. As you can see I'm a little whacky on wikis at the moment -- JerryMuelver mailto:jerry@hytext.com

Links --

Massive reliance on freelinks at http://allmyfaqs.com/faq.pl

Actually, I think that's pretty nice. It *does* however, pretty much preclude accidental linking of those pages. That is a cost, but perhaps not a monumental cost, given the nature of what you are trying to do there. --JimboWales

I haven't had enough wiki experience to appreciate the panache of accidental linking, I guess. I found it even a bit annoying to have things like PowerPoint? turn into links. But I soon developed the habit of jumping to the newley created page and putting a line or two of explanation.... I guess I just appreciated the panache of accidental linking! -- jerry

Basic wiki starter kit in a text file

http://hytext.com/wikiframe.txt is a basic UseMod wiki with all the initial pages in text format. Page names are set off with >>>>>>. Start with your home page, copy and paste relevant page text into the Edit box, click Save, and the links for the next page are created and ready to go. Takes about 6 minutes to build a basic site with full user documentation. -- jerry

Note to wikiframe.txt downloaders--

Be sure to change the RecentChanges examples references from "MeatBall" to your very own local wiki if you use the links on your pages. After all, you want your wikians to look at your own detailed changes, not MeatBall's. -- jerry

Oct 14 2003 : I wanted to have a look at this file, but all i have at the moment is a 404 error page...
Is this file definetely gone ? -- WikiAddict?

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