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See also MeatBall:TimeZone


Change the timezone setting so that the user simply selects his own current time, and let the damn computer calculate the difference (that is what they are there for). ;)

See MoinMoin:UserPreferences? for an implementation.

But what about the half-hour timezone offsets? :-) See [1] for a map showing half-hour timezones in areas like Iran (I think), and the middle of Australia. Hmmm... Maybe I should make a user option for how to choose the timezone option... :-)

On the other hand, maybe people who live in those places should just use another wiki. :-) I like the MoinMoin implementation, and will probably implement it soon. (It might even be in the next test release.) --CliffordAdams

Already fixed. While implementing the first version, I had a passing thought about half-hour timezones, but then, well, it passed... ;)

Perhaps instead of making a selection, the user could enter his time into a plain text box according to some agreed-upon format. Then the script could parse the input and pass it to timelocal(), from the Time::Local module (which I think is standard). So the offset would be (timelocal($sec, $min, $hour, $mday, $mon, $year) - time).

I'd appreciate if the preferences page would mention the server's timezone, and if the timezone offset preferred by the user would be applied relative to UTC rather than to server time. I know my UTC offset, and I don't really like to compute the offset to the server: 8am-11pm is? Perhaps a little JavaScript could prefill the input boxes with appropriate values for people having JS enabled. As for the nerdy date format mentioned at MeatBall:TimeZone, using ISO 8601 1997-12-12 format would be even more nerdy.

See my patch, JavaScriptTimezoneHandling?. We can use the same technique to fill out the timezone box. -- TakuyaMurata

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