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I've found UltraEdit to be an excellent general purpose editor. Not free (after the free trial) but good enough to replace most similar tools. I use it for perl editing and the odd hex edit. link is here http://www.ultraedit.com --BrianHunter
Try also NoteTab? http://www.notetab.com/
Light = free, Standard = 9,95$, Pro = 19,85$ --KnutK

I use TextPad which is so good that I happily paid the $27 license fee. And I am not one to do this lightly. This is maybe the 3rd piece of shareware-style software that I've paid for in my 10 year professional career. http://www.textpad.com/

Also worth a look: [Boxer], a mature and full-featured text editor. Free trial download available.

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