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I stumbled on Wikipedia by accident in January 2002, and very quickly saw the potential of the Wiki.

I'm one of the maintainers of UnrealWiki.

The patches I've written are on WikiPatches, mainly dealing with using CSS with Wiki. (Wiki is a perfect embodiment of the ideas behind CSS -- the content and the presentation are seperate).

You are warned that I'm a complete Perl beginner. My code works, but it's not especially elegant.

incomplete list of patches:

On MeatballWiki you have been signing as Tarquin. However, on MeatballWiki we have a rule of MeatBall:UsingRealNames. Would you mind? If not, we could just anonymize all your postings, no harm done. -- SunirShah

If I'd arrived at Meatball by another route, I wouldn't mind at all. But I came from places where I'm already known as "tarquin", and indeed where my real name isn't known. I'm trying to be consistent, which is true to the spirit of MeatBall:UsingRealNames if not the letter.

For that matter, how can you know if people's real names are real names? They conform to a particular pattern, that's all. If I'd used "TarquinHenderson?" you would have assumed it was a real name.

I'm not trying to buck the rules in the manner of Wikipedia's 24 (MeatBall:CaseOfaWikipediaTroll). I don't see my nickname as an "ever shifting, discardable alias", rather as just something I'm known by. In real life, I have one nickname in my immediate family, and different friends call me different things (eg "Oi, you!" ;-)

I'm amused by the handle "Tarquin of UnrealWiki" you've given me (shades of LocutusOfBorg?). It's better esthetically than the contortions I was trying on the SandBox (TarQuin etc), but I expect I'll be "Tarquin" longer than I'll be running UnrealWiki. -- Tarquin

If you put your alias on your namepage, those who know you by "Tarquin" elsewhere will figure out who you are if that's important to you. -- SunirShah

I'll stick to being an IP. :-) -- Tarquin

It is even nicer is you are a dynamic one :-) -- DavidCollantes

I think my ISP (the dreaded AOL) gives me a fairly consistent IP, so I'm recognizable on Meatball's Recent Changes page by number if not by name :-)

We still love you, Tarquin. ;) -- SunirShah

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