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This page lists anti-spam measures taken on the UseModWiki site.

April 2005: AOL users (who visit through the AOL servers) are currently blocked from editing.

March 29, 2005: A simple rate-limiter has been added to this wiki. Both edits and number of pages edited are limited, and each limit can be exceeded by a single host/IP or by all users combined. More documentation will follow in the near future. Also, note that an older anti-spam measure limits the number of external URLs that can be changed (added or removed) to three per edit. --CliffordAdams

November 28, 2004: I have had enough of the Chinese spam, so I have banned the 61 and 218-222 class A networks. If you wish to get an "editor" password to bypass an IP-based ban, email usemod@usemod.com with a short explanation of who you are and/or what you would like to edit. --CliffordAdams

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